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Selective internet access

Whizz Kid
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Since last night I am having trouble accessing certain services including Iplayer, ITV Player, All4, My5 and Amazon Prime. Also my Alexa Echo Dot, while connected to the internet, keeps telling to "try a little later".


I would say the issue is with every site that needs a bit of data through-put except youTube and Play video are working absolutely fine.


I have done a speedtest and all is reported to be normal and I have checked my service using the TalkTalk website that reports all is well.


However, my computer, Fire stick, tablet and TalkTalk TV box are all refusing to let me view any content variously reporting that pages are failing to load and that servers are failing to connect.


Out of interest on my phone I turned off wifi and went on to mobile data and Iplayer worked just fine but when I went back to wifi again it reported "no network connection" - so the problem is clearly my TalkTalk internet connection and not the device.


And from Amazon Prime I get "cannot connect to server".


I have rebooted my router and then I tried a spare router but the result was the same. My router is now in the test socket with a fresh filter but the result again is the same. 


Email is working fine and I can access gmail via the web and of course I have tried the usual like clearing cookies and rebooting but this is affecting my phone, computer, tablet and TalkTalkTV box.


Any help would be appreciated.


EDIT  - I forgot to mention that websites that will not load normally on my PC seem to load instantly via Opera with the VPN turn on, including this page. So there must be a clue there into what is going on.


UPDATE - It is now 10pm and I can now get Iplayer working on my TalkTalk TV box, although it is extremely slow in getting going, but I cannot get Iplayer to work on my phone, tablet, PC or Fire Stick. The Amazon Prime app on the TV box seems to think about loading and then exits by itself while Amazon Prime on my Fire Stick for reports "slow internet connection" and then the message switches to "Service Unreachable, an error occurred connecting to the network CDN_ERROR." when I select a movie to watch.




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Hi _jmx_


This was related to a network fault and should now be fully resolved.


I will pass on your feedback to our Products Team in regards to bridge mode. We have no further information on this at the moment.






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Internet access appears to be better.


Please could you explain why exactly speed tests etc. appeared to be fine during this issue. I don't understand how only streaming services were affected.


Also, when are your routers going to support bridge mode? People have been waiting a long time for a firmware update.


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Hi _jmx_,


We did identify an issue yesterday which was resolved early yesterday afternoon. The reason we have asked for the router to be rebooted is because this particular issue should now be fully resolved. Are you currently experiencing any problems with your connection as we'd be more than happy to take a look for you?





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Reboot your router? Seriously?


Come on talk talk get it together. Why want you admit there was a problem and tell everyone what you fixed?


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Hi Freda,


Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that this is now working ok for you.


stevenmc - I'm sorry to hear this. Could you please reboot your router and then retest this again. If you are still experiencing problems then we can investigate this further for you.





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Not sure The Register is national press but OMG, how interesting.


Thanks for the link. 🙂




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My thread has been referenced in the national press???????


But please do start your own thread as your complaint/issue is getting mixed up with my posts and that is not useful for either of us.




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I'm chiming in with the same thread that's been listed in the national press, because I'm experiencing the same issue as the rest of the country.

I use this broadband for work and pleasure, and occasionally depend on it for serious matters. I'm a domestic user, with domestic means - if I could afford to take out a FTTH package, I would. But as it stands, the minimum I expect is for customer service to take me seriously when I phone them and not to use it as an opportunity to flog me more gear. I'm not going to start a new thread, because I've lost all hope in TalkTalk, and I feel that if enough people contribute to this one, they'll realise it is a real problem and not, as they accused me of, imaginary.

If I start a new thread, they'll fob me off with the same BS they gave me earlier on the phone. The problem's not on my end, it's on their end. They need to fix it. 
Apologies to you though, I thought you were staff.


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Start your own topic, if it is a life and death issue we are talking about then a residential ISP may not be for you. I am just a customer like yourself trying to point you in the right direction.


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This is my residence... and you failed to provide me with a service. You don't know what I may use the service for, it could indeed be life and death issues. Your staff trying to use the opportunity to flog me more gear instead of correctly diagnosing and resolving the problem is the issue here, so let's not confuse the issue with whataboutery. TalkTalk are already renowned for their bad service, let's not make things worse here. I'm simply explaining the human impact of your failure.


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@stevenmc It is always best to start your own topic to avoid any confusion in dealing with the support team. Bear in mind that TalkTalk is geared towards providing a personal residential service only and cannot be held responsible for any work related issues.


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I've had terrible internet issues all day. Great results on speedtest but simply cannot load most website. Very intermittent also.

I had a customer service call handler tell me it must be my problem because he didn't know how to test it, and instead resorted to trying to sell me wifi extenders "for £50... ok 25!".

Seriously,  I could lose my job due to bad broadband,  take some damn responsibility TT and treat me with some respect and intelligence.  

At the least, compensate me for my extra mobile broadband tethering and work downtime!



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I can cheerfully report, that as of 9:00pm, everything is working beautifully.


I have run Iplayer on the PC, tablet, phone, TalkTalk TV box and fire stick - all 100%. So now I can finish watching the episode of Quatermass and the Pit that was so rudely interrupted when it broke. :-)))


Amazon Prime is good on the PC, tablet,TalkTalk TV box and fire stick. I have also run ITV Player, All4 and My5 on the fire stick - again all good.


Alexa is talking to me again! Yay!


And general web browsing is back to its normal speed and everything is loading, including pictures, and I have had no time outs.


So hopefully I have given it all a bit of a test and everything is back to normal and working perfectly as far as I can see. It does make you realise how dependant you are on the internet!


Thank you all for your help, as always, and please pass on my thanks to the engineers who have diagnosed and fixed whatever it was that broke.





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sorry to learn of your problems which matched mine but Chris (the person responding on these boards) fixed my problem this afternoon - big relief as my business runs off the web - try and ask him for help - good luck

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30 hours of crippled internet. Not one single word of explanation provided, despite promises to the contrary. Pathetic.

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since your post I have been using the web to process orders for my business and the web is now running very fast - many thanks - whatever you did worked


Support Team
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Hi Freda,


Would you minding retesting this please when you get a chance and let us know if this is now working ok for you?


Thanks 🙂



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thank you - I appreciate your efforts but I use this service to feed my family and its failure is now getting serious - please stress the urgency


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Hi Freda,


Thanks for confirming this. This is still being investigated at the moment and we'll post back on your thread as soon as we know more. Apologies for the delay.