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VPN Issue

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I have raised several posts to this effect, and cannot find where they have been POSTED, is someone looking at them.


My VPN has stopped working today, and I work from home.


I can see that some users have been 'Fixed', with Firmware updates, how do I get this please?


I can access my works servers from my phone, and also my neighbours modem (Virgin), so it is definitely your equipment/line.  The service tests shows there is nothing wrong.


Now that the Live Chat function seems to have gone, this appears to be the only method of listing issues, but as I said, mine don't seem to be posting, I have changed my community password as one of the helpful bots suggested it, but this still does not show my messages. 


I see Debbie is updating a lot of people's firmware, and I can find no details as to how to do this myself.


Thank you


Re: VPN connection not working 



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Yep, quite likely the firmware has updated recently, and that is now causing issues with the built in Windows 10 VPN. The support team here should be able to pick this up tomorrow, and should be able to make some changes to your router to fix it.


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The error message comes back to state a connection could not be made with the server, so the port has been closed.


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Thank you @Skynet_TX , I am using inbuilt Windows 10 VPN.


It was working fine when I finished work on Friday, then logging on this morning, no connection. 


I presume the Firmware might have been updated over the weekend.


Kind regards




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Hi @pbrettoner,


You are on new firmware, but it may be that this new firmware is causing the issue. Can you confirm what VPN software you use (is it just the built in Windows 10/11 VPN).


This latest firmware has caused some issues, particularly for people using the built in Windows 10/11 VPN, if this is what you are using then the support team here will be able to make some changes to your router settings to hopefully resolve the issue when they return tomorrow.

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Update to my post.


Model is Sagemcom, FAST58364 3.00

Serial N7183304N007008

S/W Version SG4K100136

GUI  Version 5.6.1

This appears to be on the increase, can a global message go out, and a pro-active approach to the fix, rather than letting people waste hours trawling through the internet.


Thank you