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Very likely need a new router

First Timer
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Router model is the HG633. We Have had it for probably four plus years at this point, could very well be six/seven.


Always using an ethernet cable for internet connection, the wifi is manually disabled as not needed currently.


Sometime in November the speed started to drop in small increments seemingly weekly to the point it's now been exclusively running at an atrocious literal dial up like speed.


It's been like this since early December I think. We thought it was because our line connecting to the house was caught up in a tree and we had noticed become loosened up and was resting on top another line. The landline phone still worked the entire time though and we never had any connection loss issues. We're not sure when this loosening occurred exactly so cannot correlate it exactly to this speed decrease. It had been going through the neighbours tree for most of last year and no problem.


Said tree has been cut back and the line connecting to the house has since been retightened up by an openreach engineer and we're still getting dial up speed.


We've connected to the master socket and still dial up speed.


We've concluded that it's likely a component in the router that is probably malfunctioning due to age.


We would really like a replacement router please.


Thank you.


Support Team
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Hi mrjones2022


I'm sorry to hear this.


The replacement router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.