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Password reset for pipex email addresses

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I have logged into my account to utilize some old pipex email addresses. I have tried to reset the passwords to the required format, but I get a message saying that the email address format is not recognised. These are all addresses. I note the message about TalkTalk doing some maintenance work, but that message is as old as the hills. Can someone advise as to whether I can utilize old pipex addresses or is it possible to create new TalkTalk addresses


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The TalkTalk Terms and Conditions say "8.6 If you don’t log into your email account for 180 consecutive days, we may close your account. We’ll try to tell you before we do this."


The notification about potential deletion goes to the relevant email address not to any other email address that a customer may be using. You may like to think that TalkTalk will search for all other accounts that a customer may have but I don't believe that happens. There's a logical cost saving reason for deleting unused mailboxes and that's because every active mailbox costs TalkTalk to keep on the mail platform.  The user mantra has to be "Use it or Lose it".


As you haven't let me know the outcome of the checks I'll assume you've carried those out and you're confident that the pipex mailbox is deleted.


As for creating new email addresses on the TalkTalk Mail platform. We don't know when or if the function will be reinstated. My guess is never.


TalkTalk Mail is not offered to new TalkTalk customers. Most other mainstream ISP's have also given up offering email services to new customers. The BT Group companies (BT, EE, Plusnet) don't offer email to new customers, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone don't offer email to new customers. Shell Energy don't and those broadband customers that were sold to OVO Energy are due to be taken on by TalkTalk but still without the benefit of email. 


There are some smaller providers that do offer both good service and an email service although prices for the packages do reflect what's provided. I'm thinking here of Zen Internet and Aquiss. There are free email services funded via advertising and some good paid for mail services. 


Whilst TalkTalk Mail is still offered to existing customers it is also possible to subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus to retain full use of up to 5 TalkTalk Mail addresses without paying for a broadband package. BT also offer a premium subscription mail service to existing departing customers.


About TalkTalk Mail Plus

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No I wasn't aware that email addresses not used for six months were deleted. Seems a bit arbitrary.
Would have been nice to have had a email from TalkTalk to my main account address to say this would happen as a matter of courtesy, so action could have been taken to remedy this. 
Now the question is, when will it be possible to create new email addresses in My Account. Does anyone know or can hazard a guess. I'm only really sticking with TalkTalk for the email facility.


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Are you aware that if you do not use TalkTalk email addresses at least once every 6 months then they get flagged for deletion?  If the old pipex addresses are still active then you can change passwords but only via the master email address not via any linked alias addresses that will inherit the master address password.


The help page  Deleted Email error message explains more about deleted mailboxes.


So first you'd check if the email address is still active. Send the email address a mail message and see if you get an immediate bounceback error message saying 'Undeliverable' that means the mailbox isn't active.


Then  enter the email address at Verifalia, an external website that verifies if an email address exists. Enter the email address, complete the reCAPTCHA and select the Validate button. Does the top line response say 'Deliverable' or something else?


Finally, use the Reset password now button in the Help page  Changing your email password to see if you get a deleted or no domain error message or if you actually do have password recovery options saved. You'll always get a no domain error if you enter an alias address so you must enter the master address.


Let us know the outcome in each case.


Currently it is not possible to create or for users to add any email addresses to a customer MyAccount.

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