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Talk talk email issues through bluemail

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I access my talk talk email on my smartphone through bluemail and have no issues. I have downloaded bluemail desktop on my laptop and although I can see the inbox and forward, reply, delete messages as soon as I look to move a message to one of the storage folders within my talk talk inbox, it just goes to a blank white screen and I have to reinstall the application and accounts to get rid of the white screen and see my inbox again, however the same thing happens again. My laptop is only windows 7 but my mum who has windows 11 has been having same issue since Sunday. Again no issues through her smartphone, just the desktop version. We both also have Gmail accounts through bluemail that have no issues, talk talk is the only common problem.

Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas gratefully received! Thanks 


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Thanks for the replies, will try installing Thunderbird on the PCs

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Hi @deckomac 


I've uninstalled BlueMail desktop and am not connected to the TalkTalk network so a reboot and fresh install of BlueMail desktop app via the Microsoft Store and BlueMail fails to get more than the initial splash animations before showing a white screen.


So, there's no link to TalkTalk and the latest Bluemail desktop software on Windows 11 fails to work with no email accounts set up. Pity, as BlueMail for both desktop/laptop and mobile has in the past been reliable and one of my go to email clients especially when Thunderbird decides to exhibit a sluggish response.


My Bluemail app was showing a date of 18 March 2024 so I assume that was the last software update.



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I too had an issue with the desktop version so now use Thunderbird on the PC and Blue mail on mine and my wife's phones without issue.


Unless you are dead set on getting Bluemail to work on your desktop, I'd recommend Thunderbird.


Maybe someone else can provide a solution for you.

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