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Already have fibre, but quote from TalkTalk says need a new phone line installation for Fibre 67

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I've had Fibre with TalkTalk, then NOW, and now I'm getting a quote from TalkTalk.  Surprised to see that a new phone line is required, but the quote from EE/BT involves sending out the equipment as per normal.  My download speed is only 45 Mb max, about 12.5 up, and the cabinet is not q million miles away.  Do TalkTalk install a new phone line if speeds are low?


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Hi Anne.  Thanks for that.


I thought that it may well be the case that an Openreach engineer is required, but what I can't understand is why EE/BT gave a start date, while TalkTalk gave a choice of (later) dates.


I'm not going to worry too much about this - the main thing is that a TalkTalk engineer does not come into the home, and neither does an Openreach engineer ... unless of course there's an issue suspected within the home.


Thanks again for all your assistance!


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All providers need an engineer appointment to activate/switch  the service at the exchange, they just may not tell you.

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Thanks very much for your reply.  I was messaging with TalkTalk, and somehow I got the impression that it was cabling etc inside the house that would be checked, and replaced if necessary.


Do you know why there are other providers that do not require an appointment with an engineer as part of the activation/installation process?


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An engineer will check the line to your house (not inside) if they detect a problem they may need access but usually as you have a current line they will remotely activate the service.

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Hi.  The issue was whether an engineer needs to attend to check / replace cabling etc inside the home prior to commencing with TalkTalk.  Is this standard procedure with TalkTalk, whereas other providers generally do not do so?


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Hi Dabmonger


There is no reason why we cant take the number off Now at the same time taking over the existing line, when you requested the service did you ask to transfer the number?  


Did you speak to our loyalty team on  03451720088 ?


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Hi there.  I've added my telephone number.


Thanks to you both!

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@Dabmonger, it looks like your old Talktalk landline number can be added, if you are not a current customer. 


Is this correct, @Chris-TalkTalk ?


To be writing on the forum at all, the customer must be linked to the old account!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Dabmonger,


Can you add your TalkTalk landline telephone number to your community profile and we'll take a look at this for you


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Hi again.  It's many many years since TalkTalk first installed anything in my home, and it turns out that it appears that new (and returning I suppose) customers get new cabling and socket(s).  Perhaps it's to make sure that any future issues are unlikely to be in the home, and thus should be an OpenReach issue.


I don't know if I'm correct with this, but I do know from the chat with the sales person that I would have to get an engineer in, and that that seems quite typical for TalkTalk.


As I was saying, BT/EE would just send the equipment.


NOW did not enforce an engineer, but I got an OpenReach engineer to try and get my speed up to where it should've been (that's a difference purpose from that of a TalkTalk engineer).


Please let me know if you think I've gotten any of this wrong.


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Sorry, meant to say that there's only FTTC options, no FTTP.


I'm chatting here, to SMARTY MOBILE whilst doing calculations, reading t&cs and FAQs.  That's not sorted, and explained to them how it works!  Wrong way round, I know!


And I'm starting to chat with TalkTalk...


Thanks again!

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@Dabmonger, you have written "The only two options given are Fibre 35 & Fibre 65, so there's no FTTC options."


NB, Fibre65 and Fibre35 are FTTC.


You maybe meant to put "no FTTP"?


Don't do this while you are tired! It's just too easy to have a mistake slip in.


If in doubt, just use Chat or call in to check, but usually customers are advised to be available at home on the day in case there's any problem at all, rather than simply what the engineer tweaks at the exchange. 


Staff are not on here before Monday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I apologise to that aforementioned poster, as they did say "Fibre 65".


Don't know if links work here, but here is the link to that case (the issue there may have been the apparent need for a 2nd phone line as the other one was being used or something):


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Hi, thanks for your reply @Gliwmaeden2.


As for the names of the plans, different companies use different terminologies of course, and they can even change over time!

I searched the community posts and somebody had asked the same question as myself basically, and had used Fibre 67. I ended up just copying that name assuming it was correct! I haven't been to bed yet, and I'm dealing with a mobile phone issue at the same time! 🙂


Anyway, TalkTalk's Fibre 65 gives an average download of 67Mb, apparently.


The person who had posted with the same question seems to have received PMs, so I cannot see what the outcome was in their case.


I haven't been looking into FTTP at all. I don't think that is available in my area yet, and only FTTC options seem to appear when doing a market comparison.


I just went into the TalkTalk website and filled out the information requested by them, including address and phone number.


The only two options given are Fibre 35 & Fibre 65, so there's no FTTC options.


Therefore, I'm left wondering why an engineer visit for a new phone line is required, especially when I've not received such in the past, and BT/EE are just offering the delivery of the equipment, as is normally the case.


If no one knows the reason here then I'll give TalkTalk a call or message later in the day.


Thanks for the assistance so far.


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Look carefully at the product descriptions, @Dabmonger.


Talktalk offers Fibre 65 (it's not called 67) in both the Fibre to the cabinet category (FTTC) and full fibre to the premises (FTTP).


It sounds like you have been looking into the latter, which needs a new line, and an ONT instead of a master socket etc.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.