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Engineer visit?

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I've been on the 'Faster Fibre' package for a few years now. Chose to upgrade to 'Full Fibre 500 Data only) on 14/02/23 (romantic I know!). Booked an engineer visit for 05/04/23 (today). Got confirmation email on 14/02/23, and confirmation text on 15/02/23. I received a text on 27/02/23 telling me there was a problem with my order, that more work needed to be done by the supplier, and that I would be updated on 21/03/23. I missed a phone call on 21/03/23 but voicemail confirmed that an engineer was available on 05/04/23. However I haven't received any equipment and I'm wondering if the engineer will visit today; the voicemail was also very difficult to understand (audio quality and a strong accent) and I'm not sure if I had to confirm the visit - if so there was no instruction on how to do that. 

I have a feeling that my property will be difficult to connect as I live on private land (a school). How can I get more information about my current situation? And can I expect more updates? Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Ed-living,


I've sent you a PM to confirm some details so that we can look into this further