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Just had FTTP installed - what happens to old connection?

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We've just had CityFibre do our complimentary FTTP fibre installation, and they've said that the new connection is ready to use - we've not received a new router or anything, so I assume I need to disconnect the existing router from the BT socket, and reconnect it to the new fibre connection (different room of the house). We've not been given any information on this, or when our existing copper connection will cease to work - any ideas?


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Good morning,


Just to confirm, have you tried connecting the router since your last post?







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Thanks, but I was replying to the staff member who asked me a question. It can wait until Monday.

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Staff are not on here at weekends, @SoMrHarris.


You can reach support directly on 03451 720088 today, until 6pm, or use any link to Live Chat.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi Chris, on the ONT the power, broadband and service lights are all green. We've not plugged the router in yet.


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Apologies Chris, I missed your reply yesterday. When I get home tonight I will have a look at what lights are on the ONT.


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Hi SoMrHarris,


How are you getting on, do you still need assistance?



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Hi SoMrHarris,


Could you tell me which lights are on, on the ONT





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OK, well if that's what they told you that's what you should get. You may need a newer Hub 3 which comes with a phone port, I am surprised that City Fibre didn't bring one with them. Hopefully this was all be clarified when the support team pick this up.


Do update your community profile, as I mentioned earlier. 


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Thanks for your help. We didn't agree anything with talktalk apart from the date. We got a letter and numerous emails and texts saying CityFibre were coming to upgrade us to full fibre completely free of charge. We have the Unlimited UK calls boost and our phone was plugged in to the phone socket, but as part of the upgrade they told us we'd be getting Digital Voice and would need to connect our phone to the router.

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OK, this is where it can get messy. You won't pay separate line rental for the phone, but it may well be shut down in the process. What precise details did you agree to regarding the voice service? 


This has been flagged to the support team here for you. Make sure that your personal details including TalkTalk phone number and/or account number are complete on your community profile (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with your account and then wait for them to respond.


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We have the black Talktalk Wifi Hub, which from a quick search on the website appears to be fibre compatible so that's good news! I just wondered what happens to the old phone line connection we used - surely we are paying line rental for the BT line that the broadband and phone used?


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What make and model of router do you have? The most recent Hubs do support Full Fibre if connected from the red WAN port on the router to the LAN port on the ONT with an ethernet cable.