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No Microsoft Remote Desktop or Network Drives

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I'm unable to access any of my network drives or even log in to my server using Microsoft remote desktop.

This all worked perfectly with my old Asus router, however since switching to TalkTalk Wifi 2 Hub, FAST5464 1.00 Version SG4K100174.  this seems to be an issue with the talktalk router as my home network setup has remained otherwise unchanged.  If switch back to the asus router, everything works as expected and i can access network drives and remote desktop onto my server.

Is this a problem with the settings on my router?



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For Remote Desktop have you set the required ports to be forwarded in the Hub 2. You will have to disable Scam Protection as well or stop using the TalkTalk DNS servers.


Scam Protection is part of HomeSafe. The Homesafe settings can now be managed yourself, from within MyAccount, please follow the below steps to disable scam protection on your line:-

1. Log into MyAccount
2. Select My Services
3. Select View HomeSafe settings
4. Go to the Scam Protection section
5. Select OFF and confirm when you see the pop up window


If you want to change the router's DNS servers, this is done from here having first logged into the router:-


Dashboard > See internet settings > Manage advanced settings > Internet connectivity > DNS IPv4


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