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Preventing auto connection and using eero with ps5 remote play

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Two issues. I have an eero in my sons room which he uses for remote play on his PS5, however the remote play won't work if his PS5 is connected with ethernet/LAN. I think it's something to do with it being an access point Vs mesh or something. 2nd issue, this eero in his room needs to be his alone for his devices yet all my other device keeps connecting to it (even when the main eero is closer) it's so random how it does this, how do I block other devices from switching to it? 


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Hi @Simon1975 


I am not familiar with Remote Play, but can help with all aspects of IP networking. Does this feature require any port forwarding to work?


Taking your second point, when any WiFi device goes to connect to a WiFi network that it knows the password for & is in range, it will consider all access points on this network that it detects, to see which is best to connect to. In your case, there are four APs:-


  1. Gateway Eero 2.4GHz band
  2. Gateway Eero 5GHz band
  3. Extender Eero 2.4GHz band
  4. Extender Eero 5GHz band

No WiFi adapter will allow you to control which one it decides to connect to, you may be able to Prefer the 5GHz over the 2.4GHz band and you may be able to configure it to only work using a particular WiFi mode (e.g 802.11ac or 802.11ax). That is the limit of your choices and it all depends on the device's operating system, as to how much, if any, of these options are available to you.


Your WiFi devices will look to which of the four (in your case) access points it detects & will try to connect to the one offering the best signal quality, which is not the same as signal strength. It is a mixture of the strongest signal & least WiFi interference.


Once connected, Band Steering within the router will then try & move any 5GHz capable device that is currently connected to the 2.4GHz band over to its 5GHz band if it is within range of this signal. This works on several conditions being met, but these thresholds are not displayed within the Eero app.


I can try to help you find out why your device believes that the Extender Eero is the better one to connect to, rather than the physically closer, gateway Eero. If you want my help, then please let me know.

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what I dont like about the eero is you need to have a phone app to get into it and not via web portal via router. Thats my Eurosceptic coming out 🙂


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Yeah, this makes limited sense to me, I have one eero downstairs and one in my sons room which is connected via cat cable to the original main eero. Yet on the app there are no options to limit other devices connecting to my son's and the remote play doesn't work when you plug in the ethernet cable to the ps5 from the eero in my sons room, only over WiFi. 


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I was looking at a Mesh system myself but the price was a factor also I want the best signal in all rooms. I went the other way and cabled in with cat5e and cat 6 to some other routers (so total 3 in my house) I made the other 2 extra routers into AP mode. they each have a cat cable going to them and can use a Ethernet Cable  to what ever is near to get good signal strength. Also the wifi from each router is getting a strong signal to all other rooms. Ok there is a bit more work involved doing it this way but so far for me its been the best solution had it running this way for about 3 years now and its been great. No one complains esp kids on PS5 etc before I did this I was getting moaned at every other day about wifi signal.