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problems with UPLOAD LATENCY and its not a problem with SPEED (notice 328ms upload latency in purple

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i've reset my router. i've reset windows and reinstalled. i've tried only one connection but three devices all show too high UPLOAD LATENCY on speed tests.


I've raised a complaint and havent heard much back from talktalk. I've complained to Ofcom.


Its interesting that the download speed and latency is adequate but the upload speed is adequate but the UPLOAD LATENCY is appaling. Speed is fine if latency wasnt really the issue.


Southport has been rolling out gigabit internet, which I cannot buy in Churchtown. I may be forced to go to BT Internet to see if that would fix it.


BT Openreach is going to force people to move to FTTP (fibre to the house/premises) instead of copper (FTTC  - fibre to the cab) by restricting the internet. 


One of my neighbours moved to gigabit internet area Birkdale in order to fix their problem (his ISP wasnt TalkTalk btw).


I have complained to OFCOM because BT Openreach appear to be tampering with traffic routing to penalise anyone still on copper within Southport but I cant actually move over to FTTP because of BT Openreach not fixing the local area cabinets.


Upload latency in the morning is adequate but right now is > 300ms, which is useless for gaming.


Even late at night the upload latency is > 300ms. 


I'm not getting the service I'm paying for because someone is doing something with my upload latency.


I suspect BT Openreach and have reported it to Ofcom. 


I'm fed up of trying to explain it to TALKTALK call centres who seem to think that having high speed is the complete answer to everything whilst disregarding LATENCY.


I havent been communicated with very much since putting in a complaint. 


I already know about going to the ombudsman afterwards.


I suspect BT Openreach of favouring new gigabit internet connections within the town whilst throttling my local cabinet.


Unfortunately this is a fight that TalkTalk should be doing but somehow they don't seem to understand anything. I dont have a contract with BT Openreach. TalkTalk do. Its their responsibility.

20230210 speed test 1042.PNG


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Can I just confirm, do you mean that this only happens of an evening or a weekend? If you reboot the router is there any immediate improvement? Is the device connected wired when this happens?





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How are you connecting this device to the router?

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