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Can I use my own router SFP interface?

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Question as title.


I've a Mikrotik router that has a 10G+ interface. I just got told that I'm moving to an area where TalkTalk Full Fibre is available. The real FTTP one based on the support response today.


I did a brief research and saw that there is a eero or something device to customers by default. I wonder if I could skip that additional device in my my case as I own a device has SFP interface for optic fibre connection.


Extra Q: Does TalkTalk provide IPv6 to full fibre customers? Yes, I know it's me who's asked about v6 quiet a few times. I won't stop until I get a date to wait for :')




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Just to add, I have asked for an update on this so I'll post back once I know more.






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Understood. I do hope this doesn't mean I can't use my own router at all and that eero thing can act as bridge.


Any estimate on the v6? Not having v6 is literally cost to me for being TalkTalk member. More and more hosting providers charge extra for v4 address on servers. I need to rely on sketchy tunnels or pay for v4 on every single server just to access them. Look up Hetzner for example.


Would be great to see some progress on this as broadband price increases every March. I -and I think I can speak in others name too- would love to see improvements in every aspects v6 inclusive for the ever growing price that we pay for the service.


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The FTTP service, whoever provides ends at their ONT, you cannot connect your 3rd party router to the actual fibre itself. Currently, their network does not support IPv6.

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