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Fibre 150 keeps going offline

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Hi. I recently had full fibre 150 installed. The eero is all connected and plugged into the TalkTalk super router. Since day one there has been a constant disconnection. I'm lucky to be able to get through a few hours without loosing internet for hours to days even. Repeated phone calls to technical support have not helped.


I also had problems using the VoIP service only being able to receive calls, not make them. I believe I have found the issue there by using a more up-to-date phone.


As far as the fibre connection goes here is some information: (Not sure exactly what the bits and pieces are called)


The eero device is connected to the box on the wall via ethernet. The super router is connected to the eero. The grandstream device is also connected.


I have tried switching the devices on and off, fully resetting the eero and setting everything back up again and whatever technical support has run through. Yesterday for example the internet was offline again (Internet & Gateway eero 6). Switching off and on never worked. I spent hours with technical support, where we once again fully reset things. Nothing would work. This morning an engineer was due to call but the internet was all working fine again and I thought maybe it was now resolved. The engineer was cancelled because all he would see is a working internet. By this afternoon the internet was offline again and still is (10 hours now as of writing).


The lights on the super router (I think that is what it is called!) were all normal, the eero light was a constant white light. Eero app is showing as both offline and again, no devices (wired or wireless) are able to connect. Switching off the eero and talktalk router and restarting has once again failed.


Really at the end of my tether here. Is there something I am missing? Something I haven't tried? Is it possible to use the fibre 150 with either just the eero or the super router, one or the other, or must both be used? I'm just thinking of things to try. Obviously I can't go on this way. I've already been charged £75 when an engineer called shortly after the initial installation because that installation was not completed and I needed another engineer to finish the initial installation - I can't be affording to pay £75 for engineer visits. I already have an ongoing complaint, but honestly there must be something simple here going on. Before the fibre 'upgrade' I never had any of these problems.


Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.




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Hi again,


Just an update to my below post,


We’re aware that some Full Fibre Digital Voice (VoIP) customers are currently unable to make and receive  calls.


Latest update: 08:10am 13th December 2023

Service has been restored, we recommend if you're still being affected, to power down both the eero router and the Grandstream digital voice adapter and use the factory reset pin, this will clear the issue.





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Good morning,


Thanks for the update and I'm glad to hear that your connection has remained stable. In regards to the voice service, are you using VOIP? There was a VOIP incident yesterday which should now be resolved. Is your voice service now working?







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Yea, that was what I was wondering. Talktalk has now spoken to me and agreed that the Super router should not have been there, as the Eero replaces that. The engineer did a bad job on installation day. Now it's gone, I have had a nice stable connection! Thanks for the advice from here and talktalk help, that side is now fixed. 


Only issue now is I can't make or receive calls on (all incoming goes straight to voicemail), so I will need to contact Tech support tomorrow. Another day, another problem. Cheers


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Hi Norm80,


As ferguson has said, you should just be using the eero connected directly to the ONT. I assume you already had the super router from your previous service?



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This is why I am here! Thank you. On the install day the engineer set it up this way. I did question if the two devices (are they both called routers?) needed to be there and he said this is how it is set up.


So now I have two internet things (SSID?) to connect to. My old laptop will not work when connected to the eero, but using the older router (the black talktalk one I had off them for my pre fibre connection) I can connect my laptop using that one and the wifi password off that router. I know nothing about these things and rely heavily on a friend who asked me to see if I needed both the eero and the old talktalk router, so here I am! We are wondering if maybe one device is interfering with the other in some way. The problems have only been since the fibre 150 was installed, so maybe the eero is the issue. Mostly says offline but all the lights on that and the talktalk router all seem correct. Thanks.


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May end up as a double post as I just replied but it's not showing. Apologies in advance!


The engineer was arranged by technical support 1700 the previous day and booked for 0800 the next morning, so 24 hours notice was not possible. In hindsight I should have said to him come out anyway, and when I spoke to him I said it is all up and running at the moment so he was happy he didn't need to attend. Additionally, to the technical support when I was specifically asked to pay the £75 charge if I cancelled too late or there is no fault found I (in a recorded call) was very clear - I DO NOT accept the charge whatsoever and we had a small conversation about that. Nevertheless he went ahead and booked the engineer. If I need to use CISAS to get the first wrongful charge and then this one (if there is one) then so be it. I appreciate you making me aware of this though, thanks.


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@Norm80, there's a limit to how much staff can intervene while you have an open complaint going on.


They will be back on here after the weekend. 


Fellow customers can share experiences of set up etc though!


It sounds as though you may have stacked up another engineer's fee - customers can be put in a difficult situation when the internet seems fine one moment and not the next, but, if there is a fault, it might have been found by the engineer. 


Cancelling at too short notice triggers a fee. Check the details here:


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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You should just be using the eero. Why do you have the router connected to it anyway?