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Openreach database says fibre not available

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I want to buy a house but Openreach database says that fibre is not available, despite being available to other houses in the same terrace (either side of the property in question) connected to the same telegraph pole. I rang Openreach but they said it could be a capacity/node issue but that, as I am not a customer, they cannot look into it. They said that if I get an ISP,then they can raise the query with Openreach. However, the property is currently vacant , so there is no ISP.  If I bought the property, hoping for the best (which I definitely can't risk) then I still wouldn't be able to get an ISP to raise a query, because they check the database, which says fibre isn't available, and won't take me as a customer. Going round in circles. Does anyone know how I can find out whether fibre is a possibility at this property? Thank you



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I contacted the CEO of Openreach explaining my situation (as advised within a forum dealing with the same problem). I received a reply within 2 hours (on a Sunday) saying that they would look into it. Today, less than 24 hours after raising the query, I received an email saying that fibre is now available at the address. I've checked and i can now order through BT and Sky. Phenomenal customer service and I can have it installed within about three weeks (although it will have to be later than that as I won't have exchanged contracts). Definitely worth investigating this approach if you have this was an error within the system that shows availability rather than availability itself.

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No, you will have to wait for availability to show with any ISP, as they all need to set up contracts with the Openreach  / Cityfibre etc people first, THEN, once there's the possibility of an order you get a date re engineers etc.


You have to remember the massive scale of all of this, on an infrastructure level, manpower availability and administrative level.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you for your reply. Are you saying that if an engineer appointment became available that I would be able to be set up? I just don't understand why fibre is available to the neighbours on either side of the house in a terrace but mot to the house....




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It would eventually become available but not yet, @JOSIE0406.


If it's not on the database as available it means there is no capacity currently. 


There are many incidents of gaps like this in availability, dotted around the country. 


There are limited numbers of engineers available to set you up, let alone the fact that the contract is not given to all ISPs immediately. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.