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T V box.

Whizz Kid
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Just a quick question.

I now have full fibre, which I am very happy with. However for the last couple of days when I turn my Android TV box I have to reconnect it to the Internet to access the apps.


It only takes a second to do and is not really a hardship, but if I could get the box to stay connected it would be better! 😊


Any advice or help would be much appreciated. 


Thank you Dave. 


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Hi fy8ys

Just a quick message to let you know that resetting the box seems to have done the trick! 😊 Many thanks for your help and advice.


Best wishes Dave. 

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Thank you for your advice and response. Okay I will give that a try and keep you posted!


Have a great evening. Dave. 

Community Star
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Your box should be permanently connected to allow for updates to the system to be installed and also the guide to be updated. You shouldn't ned to be re-connecting.


Have you tried forgetting the network on the box and then re-adding it? Also try rebooting your router.


If this does not work, then try factory resetting your box from the settings menu as, if there is a bug, this should clear it.


Hope this helps and please let us know how you get on.

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