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no landline for 3 to 4 weeks

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Absolutely disgusted with talk talk, i have had no landline for nearly 4 weeks now. i have spoken to numerous people by chat and telephone and every single one of them different responses and outcomes., no one seems to understand and willing to sort my problem out, i feel i have been pushed from pillar to post over the past week over numerous calls, waiting while they test this and that...............sent one engineer and then he refused to deal with the problem as he said he only deals with  fibre internet and that i need a copper engineer for my landline, i then reported this to talk talk and after another long conversation and waiting on and off for an hour they decide to book another engineer for next day. The engineer then turns ups and does all sorts of tests and speaks to talk talk and that takes ages and even the engineer cant seem to get talk talk to understand the problem, he then decides to put phone down and ring again and hoping to get through to someone else who understands. he eventually gets through to a lady who seems to understand and says all the above should not of happened and sorry for the inconvenience caused and that the problem was the router and that i needed a different router so my phone can plug into that instead of the main phone socket!?  she seemed so confident and assured me this is the problem and will call Monday to make sure i received it and i have my landline back. Monday came and nothing arrived and no phone call so once again i had to call talk talk go through the whole situation again with another person and he said the router wasn't sent as it was refused because i didn't need it and was the wrong one, so why did the previous person say that .. i said., talk talk responded .. well we have a lot of new people and not all of them know!  so we will get someone in next 72 hrs to look at the problem at the exchange and if they cant fix they will contact me to enter my house to fix.....now i'm fuming and had enough of the stress and anxiety this has caused because this should of been done first or  for all i know it could have already been checked, i now want to leave but still in contract and wondered if they will waver the termination fee as compensation for all the stress, no landline for a month, bad service, me having to chase talk talk all the time about the problem  and the total inconvenience it has caused etc etc 


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Hi sandiant


I'm sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then take a look at this for you.






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@sandiant, what package are you on?


With traditional copper wire, you plug your phone into the micro filter, not the router.


Have you been switched to Future Fibre?


Apart from clarifying that, please add your Talktalk landline number  / account number to your community forum profile details. 


Don't post personal information on the public forum pages. 


You need to go  via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. 


Staff will respond during the day (Monday to Friday).

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.