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Mobile support

For any questions about your TalkTalk mobile service.

Help, cannot make or receive calls on mobile.

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Hope someone can give me some advice, since February I've not been able to make or receive calls on my mobile. I had some problems, and they suspended my service until I rang them and sorted it out. The phone was working ok then an hour after them reconnecting me I couldn't make or receive calls but could send and receive texts. I rang them again a few weeks ago to sort the problem but she came up with saying it must be the speaker, to cut a long story short, I upgraded my phone from iPhone 8plus to 11 pro max, changed the sim put in the tray, same thing cannot make calls. I had someone look at my phone they said the speaker isn't the problem, they think something happened on reconnecting my service. Just hope someone can help as I need to use my phone. 


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Sadly, the support team here cannot deal with any TalkTalk mobile issues, you need to contact them directly via the usual channels: