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Router Security Issues

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Iphone says weak security.


Router setting should use WPA3, latest and most secure level, but this not available on router.

Replacement router sent and was supposed to be 'Black' but was identical to original and has now packed up anyway. So will be sending that back whn I can get my printer working again.Part way through trying to change wifi password on one occasion it did a spontaneous factory reset.

I don't trust the connection at all now. Have already had to have replacement bank card as may have been compromised.



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There is nothing really insecure about WPA2 Personel, providing that you are using devices that are 802.11ac (WiFi 5) compatible. This is because there have been particular patches introduced in it since 802.11w was ratified in 2009 (Protected Management Frames), which makes it as secure as WPA3. However, these are optional in WPA2, but mandatory in WPA3. To be able to use WPA3 anyway, do your devices support it? If not, that device will never use WPA3, even if the router supports it. Then it is not simply a case of using WPA3 as there are two main ways to deploy it:-


  1. WPA3 Only. Devices that do not support WPA3 will not be able to connect to this network.
  2. WPA3 Transition - allows all devices to connect whether they support WPA3 or not.


The problem comes with a lot of the cheaper IoT devices & WiFi-connected CCTV cameras etc, where they are only able to work on the 2.4GHz band, they will never be able to use WPA3.

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