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My 4K box has started playing up today with the sound.


First noticed that there was no sound, volume bar would move up and down, mute could be turned on and off  but no sound.


Pulled the plug and restarted and te sound reappeared but the volume bar was at max and orange but remote wouldn't change the sound volume.


Rebooted from the Settings menu and the box restarted with the sound working properly, for about 30 minutes then the sound disappeared again.


Restarted an hour later and everything is back to normal.


Anyone know if this is a known issue or do I need a replacement 4k box?




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Hi chrishall57 


I reported the forum spammer 'paragkhag' at 08:30 on 2 June and Karl took the appropriate action at 08:34 on the same day.


I guess, because Karl had replied he chose to leave the topic in place. Apologies if this has caused you concern but rest assured the scummy spammer wasted their time in copying your post albeit also wasting TalkTalk Support time and my time in dealing with the scumbag for their 14 minutes of fame!

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Thanks for mentioning it, @chrishall57.


I've reported it to staff.


We see many of these weird copycat posts ..... mentioning it is a huge help to the smooth running of the forum. Thank you!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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For whatever reason the original post is a direct copy of my post from a while back?


Not sure what they are up to.


4k box intermittent sound - TalkTalk Help & Support



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Never seen this happen before, so not a known issue.


You could press the button at the side 5 times to factory reset and set the box back up and see if it happens again.



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