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Settop Box not Recording and Poop Customer Service

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I'm at my wits end, I used to enjoy dealing with TalkTalk as a company but my recent interactions have left me vexed and frustrated.


I am on fibre only 150 and was also on this previously, having been able to record shows through my Box, then it started to stop recording the usual channels but record +1, then it wouldn't record at all, I tried a soft reboot but still had the same issues, I noticed I was out of contract and contacted TalkTalk and the employee who I spoke to assured me that if I signed a new contract I would have the ability to record back, I ensured this was mentioned in the recording.


The box not recording persisted and I also noticed that ITV Hub was being removed, I called back and was told I needed a 4k box and one would be sent out to replace my current box, I was put through to another department and couldn't talk to the person as the line wasn't working.


Half a day later and after speaking to three separate departments, consisting of 6 different people, I was told that the recording wasn't working due to not having a 4k box and ITV wasn't upgraded to go with the city fibre, and because I have city fibre the 4k box isn't compatible so there was no point in them sending me one.


I wasn't very pleased and stated I wanted to leave at which point they arranged for loyalty to call me back today, they proceeded to contradict me and tell me that their colleague wouldn't have said about me still having to the ability to record, basically calling me a liar, at which point they seemed to want to argue with me rather than help, I instructed them to listen to the recording, the employee went away to come back to say they will listen to the recording and call me back tomorrow.


Has anyone else had an issue like this and how has it been resolved?


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i'll answer in your later post .



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