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Talktalk tv 4K box

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I installed my Talktalk 4K box today after spending 2 hours on the chat line and over an hour yesterday. Very tedious.

I thought I had it all sorted with picture and sound , having gone through placing an app on my mobile and pairing.

Thought all was going well so i switched off for other things I needed to do. However when I started up the box again I could not get any sound. Is there something wrong with the box or have I pressed something I shouldn't. I did check the mute button. Anyone had a similar problem?


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Hi John, 


Try a reset and let me know if this works.




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If you've checked the cables, mute and volume buttons, then the only thing left to try is a reset of the box.


Push the button on the side of the box 5 times and this will start the process. This means that it will reset all your personalised settings, but if the issue occurs again, then it would suggest an issue with the box.


It should be quicker to set up now that you have been through it once.


Let us know how you get on.

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