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3 Months Free Discount Missing from bill

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I joined talktalk fullfibre last month when one of the sales reps were at my door, I was told amoung other things that there would be no installation fee and the first 3 months of my contract would be free and that the amount to cover the bills would be credited to my account for the first 3 months, one of the main reasons I moved was this offer because I had to clear my old bill with virgin media, but I've recieved my first months bill for around £54 and though there has indeed been no fee for installation there doesnt seem to be any hint of detail relating to the account credit the rep told me I'd recieve multiple times. I cant afford 2 broadband bills in one month and the free months were one of he highlights of moving. Hope I folks can be of help. Cheers


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Hi Barrie96


A credit has been raised for the bill and a further credit will be applied for the next 2 months, after that your monthly fee will be £39. 




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Check in Transaction History in case any money has been credited, @Barrie96.


Your first bill will include the period up to the date of the bill being made up as well as the forthcoming month.


This is always the case, to establish the billing cycle going forward. 


The details of the offer can be checked by staff when they reach this thread. It is in the queue for attention, @Barrie96.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.