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£4 Charge for TalkTalk TV

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Hi All


I've been a TalkTalk customer for a good many years.


Under my previous contract, the £4 charge for TalkTalk TV was removed, on the basis that the charge related only to the ability to hire films & use boosts (which I never use & am unlikely ever to need in the future). My ability to use the Youview box to record/pause/rewind TV and use the on-demand apps were not affected by the removal of the £4 charge.


I recently renewed my contract however and have just noticed that the monthly bill includes a charge of £4 for TalkTalk TV. I wasn't made aware that this charge would be reinstated, instead presuming that my previous contract terms would be transferred across to the new contract.


I would be grateful if;

a) one of the mods could advise whether it is still possible to remove this charge. My position is unchanged in that I won't be renting any films and/or adding boosts to the TV package, and;

b) I would also be grateful if they could confirm that (as previously), if I remove the £4 charge, I will still be able to use my Youview box to pause/rewind/record free-to-air channels and view the on-demand apps.


Thank you.


Support Team
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Hi @yogaman


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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For removal of the service,  phone 03451 720046, @yogaman.


Open 9am till 7pm on weekdays,  till 6pm on Saturdays. 


Online renewals tend to include this by default.  As you have to ring up anyway to get it removed, it's worth doing the entire renewal on the phone in future,  and try to keep one step ahead of them, specifying exactly what you do and don't want to keep. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.