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£70 voucher

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Dear TalkTalk


This is a seconed time I am posting here regarding the same issue. 
I have never received promised £70 voucher. Not only 90 days have passed, but the whole year! 


I have joined 5.12.2019 through Money Saving Expert website, and the voucher should have arrived 90 days after activation. It supposed to happen automatically. I almost forgot about it, until couple of months ago I saw some screenshots from that day.
I am really sad, that I have to chaise it, as it played a big part in my decision to choose TalkTalk over another provider.  
Hope someone will help, after my previous message I got a reply asking for more details. I have sent all the information I was asked for but heave not heard back. A few weeks have passed since then....

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Hi @@agnesc


The Voucher will be dispatched in the next few days


Please keep an eye on your spam/junk folder for an email from Giftcloud. 





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Hi @agnesc


Your original post, has no response, therefore does not jump back into the work queue,  


I will contact the team responsible for the vocuher and ask them to validate it 


Sorry for the delay

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I said in my message, I did get a reply asking me for more info and I have replied to that email on the same day - 14.01.21, and I have included several attachments (screenshots) of the offer. Since then, no reply....


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@agnesc, @Arne-TalkTalk did reply to your post several weeks ago:


You need to keep a look out for replies as there is not always a notification about them. In the profile area of the forum, see the ACTIVITY tab to find your way to your threads. 


It looks as though you have posted a bit more detail this time. 


It could take a couple of days or so to get a reply. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.