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Bad Service with TalkTalk

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I have had issues with my Broadband speeds for years and getting nowhere with complaints. Each time and engineer has visited and also Open Reach the problems seem to be resolved yet within a couple of days the speed has again dropped to well below the minimum. Last year I changed to fibre thinking that might solve the problem and was then charged £52 pm for the experience. NOTHING changed and I still had permanent well below the minimum speeds. I then complained, in writing, to head Office and it took nearly 2 months to get a reply and that just told me to contact an agent!! This I did, numerous times, and the only thing that happened was my payments were reduced to £37 pm without any explanation. Things have continued and getting worse and checking my speed with TalkTalk all I kept getting was that there was a fault on the line, etc. To check speeds I had to download another firm and kept records of all my low speeds. It came to a head in November when I also kept losing my catch-up on my TV with the router switching itself on and off and ridiculously low speeds. A lengthy chat with an Agent was almost a waste of time as I could not open the windowsill box as Open Reach had fitted it against the window frame so I could not undo, as requested, the clip on that side to open it. An engineer was then ordered. He turned up and I showed him a mountain of paperwork with jpgs of the speed graphs of all the low speeds over the years which he agreed was unacceptable. He then checked everything and found a problem with the Router which he then reset to factory settings. He also found a problem on the line between my house and the exchange and said he would get Open Reach to do some sort of test on the line. A few days later I then started to receive the correct high speeds which I have never had before. Now TT are trying to charge me £75 for that visit!! I am sick and fed up with the treatment I have had over the years and am now willing to contact the Ombudsman. Does anyone know the address for that? here are some of the speeds.... no wonder I needed an Engineer!!2nd November morning2nd November morning2nd November evening2nd November evening6th November evening6th November evening7th November evening7th November evening9th November afternoon9th November afternoon9th November evening9th November evening


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Hi tramalan


Sorry that you are having problems


I can see that the charge has been cleared you will be able to see it in the transaction history, If the direct debit has already been taken you will be able to request a refund via My Account in the next 24 hours. 


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Many thanks and did not realise I had missed anything important. It was supposed to be Full Fibre until I found out from a mate that in my case it was impossible as I only had Fibre to the exchange box. After my complaints it is probably why suddenly the monthly charge was reduced which means it should also be credited for those months I was overcharged.  I'm on Fibre 65. The speed is supposed to be 68 with a guaranteed speed of 55 but as all my speed tests have shown it has been mostly below that and has been for years hence my annoyance at not having it resolved. As all my graphs taken show when an engineer has visited the speed suddenly jumps and is correct but within 24 hours it drops. The graphs look like a load of 'W' s instead of a straight line. I have tried and tried over the past 6 years for something to happen but it fails every time and I am baffled as to why. Every TT engineer tells me it is an Openreach problem and arranges their visit and then Openreach tell me it is a TT problem. I must have had a total of about 8 or 9 callouts in past 2 years. A year ago they told me, at long last, that it was a problem on the line from the exchange box but they did not know what it was!! Can you imagine how frustrating that is? I am running out of ideas of what do do.


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@tramalan, you've not made it quite clear whether you are on a Fibre to the Cabinet package or Full Fibre to the premises.


Also: what are the minimum guaranteed speeds for your package?


Your statistics don't mean anything without some context. 


I would give staff time to reply (after the weekend). They are not back on here before Monday. 


Staff can look into the engineer's report.


If the £75.00 is credited back, it will show up in Transaction History in My Account. 


So wait for staff to reach your thread. If need be, then follow the Complaints Process. See the link at the foot of the page. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.