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Can you please explain to me why you've charged me £15 today and you've cut off my service? I contacted somebody in April, one of your advisors in April, and cancelled my service. I haven't been using your service since April. It officially cut off on the 28th, or my last bill was due on the 28th of May, but the service cut off long before that. Why have you charged me now £15 today? I tried umpteen ways to get in contact with your customer service team, but I can't through any of the landlines, because obviously you've disconnected my service and my mobile number linked to my account is not recognised. I would like to make a call to resolve this matter as a matter of urgency on XXXXXXX REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS.


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Hi Christy&Jemma2


The charge is for the period of 18 May to the date you disconnected on the 28 May. 



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It is possible to use Chat or phone support when NOT calling from a Talktalk landline. Support agents will ask security questions but both you and they have records of the relevant phone numbers. 


Bills are made up a couple of days before they are sent to you, so it may be that it was in advance of the official cut off day.


If it's an error, or simply needs to be refunded to reflect the true cut off, it will show in the NEXT bill. If it gets credited back you'll be able to reclaim it via My Account.


You will need to use the same Direct Debit banking details so leave these in place. 


I am moving this to the billing section for you. Staff won't phone you. This is online support only.


Billing staff will be able to identify your account from your community sign in.


Never display personal information details in the public thread, @Christy&Jemma2

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.