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Can't even sign up lol

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I'm actually so infuriated at the fact talktalk had wasted my time that I'm willing to waste even more time writing this.


I've now been offered various terms for a fibre 150 contract, coming from Sky who I can currently with. uSwitch said 26/month for 18 months, then talktalk website says that's not available. Yesterday the website offered me £28 for 18 months, but then it said my email address had already been used so it couldn't work and the chat was too slow to respond so I gave up.


Today it only offered £28 for 24 months! So I called talktalk and spoke at length with 2 different people. The first guy said he can only offer £26 for 24 months, but then I "could" get it changed AFTER I agreed to the terms??? I thought it was a scam so didn't proceed.


Next I spent 30mins on a call where I was offered £26 for 24 months (was willing to just go for it at this point) only for her to say that I was an existing customer so can't get this deal. I last had talktalk over a year ago! And my online account doesn't let me even sign up to another package, and the phone service doesn't even recognise my mobile number! 


It just feels so dodgy and scammy at every turn, different prices and terms offered to slightly different potential customers with NO unified approach. I was in danger of being completely mis-sold by the first person. Second person tried initially to convince me that the 24 month contract would be fixed in price for 24 months too!


What a mess. There's your feedback talktalk, take it for free


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Please start your own thread as each case is considered unique and it is easier for support to be given to one person per thread and also less confusing.
To start your thread click the Browse button, then Help With Your Service and select the appropriate category. You will then see a Blue Button "Start A Topic"
Please also note that you should only post back on that thread and not start another on the same topic as multiple posts cause delay to you and others seeking help.
Thank you

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I am having the same problem I  am trying to find a governing body to complain to as their customer service is abysimal.


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Your old account is disconnected but My Account is still active, and also has your email address connected which is why the site thinks you are existing customer.  So the answer is to call us request a new service using a different email address and the order will go through over the phone. 


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@hartesh, your My Account won't let you sign up for a new package because that is "offers and upgrades" in the form of renewals for current customers. You're wasting your time doing it that way.


Access to the old account is maintained after you leave so that you can view old bills.


Having access has enabled you to sign in on the community, but it doesn't mean that your account is still live.


However, one or two other customers have had trouble setting up new accounts, as the system constantly defaults to the old one, and this may need checking - staff will be back on the forum after the weekend. That happens though once the new order is in place etc.


The best offers are achieved generally by phoning up, and you won't necessarily get exactly the same offer twice from different agents - that's normal. 


If you are trying to order through a third party site, maybe clear history/ cookies first, and use the different email address, so that there's no residual information in the cache.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Bizarrely I tired logging back into the forum earlier today and it said I had no account, after making this post.


Then I "created" a new account, using the same email address and my old account number from when I was a customer last year, and it "created" the account again, but my community account still stands.


I tired ordering online again, and get "It looks like you have an account with us" message, REGARDLESS of whether I use this email address or another one which has never been used with talktalk. I've tried the gmail trick too of putting a . somewhere and it says this, so must be recognising my residential address. I really don't want to speak to someone on the phone because they make things even more complicated and time consuming than they need to be.




So I try behaving like an "existing customer" by going into my talktalk dashboard. Because, you know, talktalk says I already have an account with them. But there are no offers available for me here either.




So it appears Talktalk cannot decide whether I am an existing customer, or a new customer. Or it has decided I am an existing customer but doesn't want to offer me a new package. 


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@hartesh, you can't sign up for a new account using the same email address as before.


There's nothing to stop you having a new Talktalk account other than that: don't use one associated with the old account. 


However, the forum has no trouble recognising your old details associated with that old account.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Strange you've been able to sign up for the forum as to do so now it is linked to my account.


In theory if you've signed into the forum you should be able to sign into my account using the my account link from here. 


Hopefully you will be able to see what's on offer to you there.


Let us know how you get on.

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