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Charged for a new router

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This month my TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub stopped working properly. After a lengthy series of support chats, with application of remote diagnostics, troubleshooting checks and attempted firmware upgrade, a support technician finally agreed the router was defective. He arranged for a new router to be sent to me, and told me I should return the faulty one or else I would be charged for it.

I duly received a replacement router and returned the faulty one. The new router worked fine, and my broadband and wi-fi services were quickly back to normal.

I've just noticed on my May bill I was charged £30.00 plus £9.95 delivery for the new router.

I was given no indication I would have to pay for the replacement, and I've always assumed the use of a (serviceable) router provided by TalkTalk is covered within the broadband package and monthly charge.

Surely this is a mistake, and I'm owed a refund?


Support Team
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Hi Lawright


I can see that the charge has been removed. 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.