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Charged for incoming landline calls

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Why am I being charged for incoming calls on my landline number that is diverted to my mobile phone number? I have rang numerous times because it states it is an additional £3 a month for the diverted calls. I am now unable to receive calls because I have been charged for these incoming calls. I have never had a problem with this up until now and it shows a monthly allowance cost which I have now gone over from receiving incoming calls. 


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If you ever had a landline fault, your calls would be put through to your mobile only while it was ongoing and engineers were working on it, @Chelsea321.


It's important to check it has been removed after the fault is cleared, because otherwise you will clock up a large bill. As described in the article,  you pay for the cost of the calls coming in to your landline as it sends them OUT to your mobile.


Ordinary landline calls clock up 24p per minute. Some sorts of calls could be damagingly  expensive. 


If you also have the UK Calls Boost, most calls would not be chargeable if under the hour. See here for details and specifically which sort of numbers:


You might be able to get the calls boost discounted.


But as you can't control which type of caller rings, you are probably best removing Call Divert altogether. This is assuming that you have a working landline. 


You should be able to remove Call Divert altogether by unticking the selection in My Account and making sure the page updates and has saved your choice.


Irritatingly, My Account functions don't always work these days, so if you have trouble with it, reach out to Chat today or phone 03451 720088 during the week to ask them to remove it for you:


Full details of opening hours are given in the above link. 


I'll move this to the billing section of the forum for staff to follow up later in the week, so please let us know if you still need help.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.