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Charges for call boosts

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I have been charged for months for uk call boost when I have removed this online month after month and also called to remove but I have been charged and not received a refund for all the months paid when I have never had this on the beginning of my contract. Why has this not been refunded and who will finally fix this problem for me and get my refund back into my bank account?


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Hi Amirah2


I can see that this has been resolved by our customer service team. 




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@Amirah2, did you make a note of when you tried to remove it?


Useful to keep a record.


If it was actually removed after the most recent bill was made up, that boost will still show on the bill but not be active. The boost charge will then be refunded on the subsequent bill, but meanwhile actual phone calls will be charged for at 24p per minute.


If it's still active as a boost if it's not actually been removed as asked you are getting your phone calls included.


If a boost is correctly removed, you should receive an email at the time.


If this never happened, you need to chase up, eg via Chat.


There are no staff on the forum before Monday. 


If a refund is organised it will not be sent directly to your bank account but shows up in Transaction History in My Account. You then claim it back via My Account to your current associated bank account (the one you use for Direct Debit).

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.