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Despite trying to effect the opposite; my bill is higher this month

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Little frustrating : )

Bill usually comes in at around £24 - in the past comprising all calls call boost package and so called super-fast broadband (8mbps on a good day but hey ho 😉

Having set my daughter up with Now broadband in her new accommodation and being charged by NOW broadband bang on £18 for all calls and her broadband (they don't denote it being super-fast but still her speed was greater than mine ; ) I began to wonder why my bill was considerably higher with TT; sole difference that I have anonymous call reject

Called TT to discuss - advisor and I agree it may be able to reduce my bill if I were to drop my all calls boost (given my mobile contract has all calls included anyway - makes sense;)

Now my bill for October has come in at just under £29 owing to anonymous reject call charge £3 and handful of calls I made solely to my mobile, which I do when I can't find the wretched thing (happens all the time;) and one time forgot to disconnect immediately for over £1 something worth of call.

So in bid to bring my TT package closer to NOW £18 price - I seem to have gone in opposite direction.

Think my contract can be terminated in January? Still unable to get the supposed fast Fibre 35 which always pops up when I go to my account as a lingering temptation.

Aware I am probably not fibre enabled and don't expect my speed will change regardless of provider but do feel I am paying exorbitant high price just for 8 mbps broadband and caller anonymous reject and half dozen calls to my mobile little under £29 does seem high; I will mention again NOW broadband is £18 - no anonymous caller reject,  but higher speed (in daughter's area) & all her calls?


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I'm sorry for the delay and thanks for the update.





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Me once more

Follow up to my previous message -

Realised CEO would probably advise me to get in touch with billing regarding this problem so took matters into my hands and proactively called them (now day has begun and calling is an option)

Spoken with super helpful advisor - Rene - who has detangled the knot adviser had caused to my account after I made contact in August.

Account and billing now is back on track; 

Thank you

Thank you