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Email Requesting Return Equipment (or Incur £50 fine;)

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Received new router last Thursday, 22nd April.

On recognising that it offered improved connection, and less drop out, I returned previous equipment same day.

Surprised therefore to receive email today telling me Talktalk need receive the router before 8-5-'21 or I will be subject to £50 charge.

Post office issued a receipt when I submitted the package last Thursday.

Checked barcode and according to that, my previous router was delivered back 0n 24th April.

Does it take 4 days to register its arrival, or for some reason has this delivered not been ascribed to my account?

I did reply to the email but received reply stating Talktalk are unable to respond using that channel or something.

Barcode number for tracking, if someone wishes to check is DA537991925GB

Other details I have on the receipt from post office are building number *removed for security*

Hope this now can be checked and verified?

Bit tedious to be chased up for equipment that I returned so long ago, when it's down - really - to Talktalk's ineptness on logging their returns.


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Oops, my bad,
**( Incident 4 days from now) = 11.6.'21

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Good morning to all these who have actively been involved with this to date plus anyone else experiencing similar (or for whatever reason they may have chosen to view this)

@Arne-TalkTalk @I8this @gh2609 @Gliwmaeden2 @I8this 

Resolved around 7th May

Received text message from TT, roughly 7th June.

TT I imagine are looking to archive cases where no further action is required.

Fully understandable and no problem with that.

but :

What is annoying, and won't build trust between punter and provider, is when message received starts with the sentence - 'We tried to get in touch with you.'

It is annoying, at best, to be lied to.

Please try not to do it.

For some (perhaps elderly or more isolated) it could really cause concern - along the lines of

'Oh my goodness, people are trying to get hold of me but I didn't hear phone(s), receive text, email communication;'

Very last thing TT I imagine wish to do is create more uncertainty as to how their customer's landline, email service is working.

The greater the transparency the provider can bring, the more the trust your customers may have in you.

Much as I can be accused of being pedantic on this, soon as I clock an untruth - you've kind of lost me and I become cynical looking to call you out on anything else

Don't have to be Miss Marple to call TT out on this one - my 3 (or so) methods of contact are devoid of any missed TT calls, VM's left, emails.

Unless TT wish to prove otherwise, there has been no direct contact since around around 7th May.

All contact has been generated by myself don't think I've received call directly from TT since around 2018.

Customers, as a rule, prefer transparency from their providers.

Very happy to hear from TT whenever they wish to contact me but please be truthful, in so far as is possible.

This is the text message I would have preferred to have received :

Hi Nicky

Hope you're well

Our records show that a month ago - on 7.5.'21 - issue you'd had problems with was resolved.

We very much hope that this remains to be the case.

We would very much appreciate you replying to this message in one of two ways

Yes = you agree, everything is ok and we can therefore close the file on the situation our end 


No = you are not fully happy that everything is now in order, in which case team Talktalk will be in touch.

If you would prefer not to message us about this at all at this point we will automatically close the file on this particular incident 4 days from now - on 11.5'.'21

Obviously I can re opened however at any time should the problem return.

Hope you'll understand that by closing the cases where no further action is required enables TT  to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Thanks so much

Best wishes


That would be great to receive.

You're the experts. No doubt you've found your best tried and tested method which works for you, which I understand.

I'll settle for whatever you wish to send me, but please to keep communication accurate as possible. 

In the event I hard-balled TT's message to me saying that I would be grateful if someone could ring me in relation to it - at which point I was going to suggest as written above

My phone(s) have yet to ring ; )

Thanks so much






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Hi @gh2609 

Nightmare isn't it.

Don't know the full reason but this is what I gleaned from my experience.

As you mention your tracker should Talktalk have received their router back from you; in most instances that would suffice.

However, my understanding is that either the router hasn't actually reached further destination where it'll be logged in as received by Talktalk; or they have some kind of backlog whereby they can't keep up with returns and log in system is simply 3 steps behind once received.

Either way until that step has been verified you won't receive an email confirming receipt of equipment (which I literally did yesterday, some 14 days after delivery was effected).

Main thing is don't panic.

As you have the tracker confirming router delivery, you will not be charged at the end of the day.

Very worst case scenario is that £50 will appear on your bill which you appeal - and you will win and charges will be removed.

Very unlikely you'll even have the money removed from you account since I think we receive bill ahead of talktalk taking money by direct debit, so as long as you're vigilant and contact them in the window between bill and TT taking funds you'll be ok.

Or you do what I did - push and persist ahead of your bill and get an OCE on the case when they resume on Monday.

First step is to make a separate thread about the situation you are now it so it comes to attention of OCE and they can deal separately rather than amongst my, now concluded case, as above.

As you post, make sure your community profile is fully up to date and completed so far as possible so you can be identified by OCE.

When you post add the barcode so OCE can check for themselves the status of your return.

It is a hassle but I'm confident TT are more than au fait with customers like ourselves contacting them about this, so fully expect they'll recognise their shortfall once again and remove their charge.

I suppose from their point of view, much as we say our item has been returned and they should then mark as received, for all they know we could have simply returned an empty box, or a bit of wood and so it does need to be checked/confirmed their end - but they so need to speed this process up : )

Good luck and do check back with my with any further problems, including lost barcode, my own heart skipped a beat at one point, when I referred to the post office receipt and found it was one relating to eBay sale, rather than the Horizon TT one, luckily TT one was merely hiding under the particular cushion.

Hope this helps, confident you'll get your deserved outcome though : )

Good luck 🤞🤞


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snap ................... the move from TT was going so well.

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I am having the same experience regarding demands from TalkTalk for return of equipment. I chose not to renew my contract in March 2021 and received emails plus post requesting the return of equipment. I followed the process of using the pre-printed returns label and plastic bag to return the router via Royal Mail, tracked delivery with proof of posting (13/04/21) and proof of delivery (15/04/21).


At that point I thought all was sorted, that is until yesterday (07/05/21) when I received an further email plus post including returns bag and label.


The wording within the email states:


'following our recent email, we want to remind you that the countdown is on to get the TalkTalk equipment you don’t need returned to us by 20/05/2021.'


The wording within the posted cover letter states:


'Please note you may be charged £50 if you don't return your old equipment.'


What the hell is going on at TalkTalk?


Considering my previous few years experience as a customer of TalkTalk, they have deteriorated in all aspects of customer service, which is primarily why I chose not to renew.


This latest fiasco of returning equipment isn't doing TalkTalk any favours. It just winds people up and gives TalkTalk a bad name.


I won't be considering renewing anytime in the near future or recommending TalkTalk, in fact, quite the opposite, i.e., 'steer well clear'.




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Ok, final word on this - as situation now done & dealt with

Received text from TT yesterday afternoon but only found this morning.

Giving update that they had tried to get in touch with me (they hadn't but never mind).

Following their investigation they learned that they'd be unable to fix things without speaking to me.

Would I therefore please call them on 0345 xxx xxxx

I called after explaining situation adviser confirmed equipment has now been logged as having been received.

I pointed out that that was all well and good and I knew it to be the situation since I had tracker acknowledging this and I had therefore know for past 2 weeks the equipment had been duly returned; question was why it on onus of customers to go above and beyond having to prove this to Talktalk, even with tracker confirmation.

I did drill on how were anyone to send an item to me, duly tracked, with tracker stating delivered; they simply would not accept my then telling them, that since item had not been logged by myself that so far as I was concerned it remained outstanding.

I also pointed out inconvenience caused by their current system - in terms of time it has taken me over past 2 weeks rectifying returns status.

Initially advisor started with phrase, "Well, because of Covid19 " 

That phrase has been done to the death and I could not see how Covid19 would have bearing on my situation which I pointed out.

Advisor sought advice from somewhere before returning with £5 goodwill gesture to offset convenience caused - duly accepted; that'll suffice ; )

Moral of the tale and what I will take from this is that until TT devise a more efficient returns method, I shall think long and hard before accepting items which require return of current equipment.

In my case this solely would be a router. Any thought of becoming TT tv customer firmly on the back burner for the foreseeable ; )

Thanks, wishing everyone a good weekend x


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Although I am satisfied that this is effectively a done deal owing to @Arne-TalkTalk 's assurance that as my tracker has been logged I won't incur the £50 penalty charge for non return or equipment, I am here to update on status on response to my emails over weekend to both Tristia Harrison and to Talktalk concerns' team.

Pleased to report I have now received both text and email in response to my email saying that a complaint case has been opened for me and that I should hear from a manager within 3 working days once fuller investigation has taken place.

Presumably next stage will be conclusion outcome so I'll be back within 3 days 🤞to inform you of news at that point too.

Always hope, of course, to be offered something like 12 months free from Talktalk bills or something by way of apology.  Realise that won't be forthcoming but if nothing else that this alerts Talktalk to unacceptable returns policy and adjustments are made as result that would also be a good outcome going forward too.

Thanks for your interest;

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Ah great, thanks @Arne-TalkTalk 

That is definitely good to hear; I know this wretched little post office slip will do the vanishing trick, that only relevant pieces post office receipts do, any time now.

Hope you'll agree it really shouldn't be down to customers to go to these lengths though - generally once tracking shows item has reached destination point that is printed to returns envelope that suffices.

I have emailed both concerns@talktalk and Trista Harrison with regard to Talktalk's absurd stand on this; will be interesting to see if I receive any response from either ; )

Thanks & keep well

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Hi @nicky62


In relation to the router, Tracking number has been added to your account, I have escalated the issue to the team responsible advising that communications are going out to customers who have proven that the equipment has been delivered to the warehouse.   


Once the escalation is picked up you will not be charged. 


Sorry again for any inconvenience caused by this issue. 



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Thanks, @Gliwmaeden2 

Rest assured I will pursue this and will not let Talktalk get one over one me with their flawed, and weighted against customer, system.

It's tedious but I will see this through.

What is of more concern is those customers - elderly for example who may get false sense of security virtue of their tracker and not realise they are still liable to £50 payment as equipment hasn't been logged in at further destination.

Never before have I come across proof of delivery not actually meaning proof of delivery; first time for everything in the world of Talktalk it would seem: )

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Answer : When it has been sent to return address as supplied by Talktalk. Why? Because it seems they don't want it to going after all. They really want it at another warehouse which it needs to take further journey to and only when it reaches this warehouse will it be logged as having been received and customer is off the hook in terms of £50 fee for non return of equipment (router in this instance).

Total absurd situation and one that I am powerless over.

I returned previously held router same day as receiving new one (22 April).

Tracker confirms delivery of router to address supplied by Talktalk took place on 24 April.

It now, however, appears to be in some kind of limbo no man's land as it is neither in my possession but Talktalk will not accept the responsibility of it being in theirs.

Should it not complete its journey and not turn up I shall have £50 added to my next bill so it is now down to me to keep eye out for next bill and contact Talktalk and give my reasons for requesting this charge to be removed from my bill.

I am on it and I shall ensure I follow this through.

But feel I should warn others, assuming safe return of equipment once any tracking advice informs them it has arrived at destination they sent it to.

Those customers may not go on to check their following bill (merely assuming it will be same as it always is;) they may too, not pick it up on their bank statement and may inadvertently make this payment and it never come to light with them; or they perhaps be elderly or have impairment whereby they don't have nouse to check or not understand entire set up.

I do not think this a fair or professional way to treat customers and have taken up the case via email to concerns@talktalk; but in meanwhile please be vigilant you do not fall victim to this shambolic set up.


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@nicky62, the more people that complain about this poor behaviour the better.


Time for Talktalk to wake up and smell the coffee.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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On strength of their argument, next time they send me something I shall play them at their own game and claim not to have received it.

On confirming my address I simply say - oh no, I didn't want it there, that doesn't count at all - I'll only accept its been delivered when its received at my sister's aunt's nephews house - utter madness 😊

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Thank you Gliwmaeden2, since Arne was unable to confirm I called Talktalk to discuss.

Ridiculous situation, while they concede router was returned as you and I can see, I am told that since it is not wish their warehouse that I am still being held accountable to router not being in their possession and as such am still open to incurring penalty of £50.

My barcode confirms it was returned to the address you supply on 24th April, I find it hard to believe it would take a further 6 days to wherever it is that Talktalk will accept it being returned to.

My argument is that once received at the address supplied on returns envelope, that it is not longer my responsibility as the property is now back with Talktalk - albeit not in their preferred spot.

Seems all that is open to me now is to check my next bill and should I have been charged this wretched £50, to contact Talktalk at that point and argue the toss why I should not be held to this charge and request they remove it.

I find this situation beyond ridiculous and have emailed expressing this.

Why on earth should Talktalk's customers tie themselves in knots checking bar codes and even then when all checks out check their next bill in from Talktalk and then have to call about it is really quite beyond me.

If they are unable to log in safe return of equipment or if they have staff perhaps making use of the equipment themselves, it is not the responsibility of Talktalk's customers?

Nothing much more I can do over bank holiday weekend, as you say, but I will keep you advised as to any response to my email - all they are suggesting I do at this point is refer to community or engage in chat to try to resolve the issue.

Needless to say, I did mention in the email that both of these channels I already have applied but still no resolution.

Back next week; enjoy your weekend and thanks : )

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That address looks correct, @nicky62, for Talktalk's recycling depot:



Somebody edited it out if your original post, but it looks like it was relevant as the destination address, and you have done everything correctly at your end.


Because of the Bank Holiday weekend, staff may not now reply before Tuesday. 


You can wait for them to follow up, or use the phone help line on Saturday (03451 720046)

(Today until 7pm).


Or Chat any day, after 9am. It has a blue background banner when available on this page:


Full details of opening hours are also listed there.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Yes I mentioned barcode in first post


Building 7 1

Postcode E N 3 7 E P

Quite a palaver and will reconsider how to arrange further router delivery from this experience.


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@nicky62 There is nothing on your account at the moment from the warehouse,  Did you you take a note of the tracking number?


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Any chance CEO could confirm that Talktalk have received my previous router back - some 6 days later according to tracker?

Concerned to see another commenter has returned their equipment but that £50 has been added to their most recent bill nonetheless.

Generally with most companies I receive confirmation of return, pretty much same day or within 48 hours latest.

Thank you