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Free upgrade to fiber is going to cost me

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Middle of May I got an email from TT saying they were upgrading me to fiber, at no extra cost to me. This upgrade apparently happened a week or two ago. I just got my latest bill, and while the cost has not gone up at present, I noticed that my "discount" expires in January 2022, when I will have to start paying £6.45 more per month for my "free" upgrade.


My old internet service was fine. I don't need fiber. Is there any way to go back and undo this unwanted upgrade? Not very keen on having to pay more for something I didn't ask for.


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@JAmmon if you stick around you'll hear all about the vagaries and idiosyncrasies of the TT contract and billing systems !


They are not the easiest to understand and reconcile especially when you make changes.


However, there are quite a few here on the forum, customers and staff alike, that can help you with any issues that might arise.


Do remember to put the end date in your diary and at that time see what TT are offering to new customers and then haggle, it does work.


Take care and in the nicest possible way hope not to see you back here unless it's with news of an excellent deal you have agreed.


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Ah, I see. My mistake. Thank you very much.


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Put a note in your diary a couple of weeks before the contract end date saying :


"Time to do my research on TT pricing and haggle for the best deal"


Your upgrade really was free but you were obviously on a discounted price with an expiry date.

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Your contract end date and discount period will not have changed, that will expire on the same date regardless.