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Gross overcharging of a vulnerable person

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I recently took on Power of Attorney for a vulnerable, elderly relative. I received a monthly bill for the relative, from Talktalk for £55. This amount includes a £35 per month charge for broadband. This amount has been taken from my relative since 2012. The relative has never even been on the internet. There is no facility at their house to even use the internet. Surely Talktalk can see or quantify the amount of data ever used on the account? The relative has been sold a product which surely wasn't the right product for them? How should I proceed? So far the interaction from Talktalk has led me nowhere 


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All our packages are bundled phone/broadband so cant be separated,  It does sound like the account is out of contract so is charging full price  call the loyalty team on 03451720088 The will be able to help.




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@Invisible1, more productive would be to see if you can renew their contract at a discount- it's always cheaper to commit to a minimum term.


Out of contract, customers pay full price.


There are also the April CPI & 3.7% increases to bear in mind.


Get the Anytime Boost added with a discount too. It allows phone calls for up to an hour to normal landline and mobile numbers.


Keep an eye on contract end dates to avoid huge increases. 


Make sure ordinary broadband doesn't include TV charges or Supersafe by default.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Invisible1, Talktalk simply doesn't sell products that don't include Broadband. 


In fact, when the copper lines go, your relative will have to have a phone line plugged directly into a router or similar set up to give Voice service. It won't be possible to provide it except through the Internet as the infrastructure won't exist.


The idea has always been that the bundled package provides the facility for you to use as much Internet as you need, and it's up to the customer if that means none.


Some houses don't have computers, but people use the WiFi from the router to make calls when their mobile phone signal is poor etc.


All companies are selling bundles nowadays and it is very hard to find any telephone only service, again because the copper will cease to be maintained. 


The company can't go back 12 years to address a possible "misselling" of the package. Far too much time has elapsed.


Line rental used to be invoiced separately from the broadband service, but has for many years been included in the bundled cost.


It can't be unbundled - the line only package simply doesn't exist.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.