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My elderly aunts phone package consists of the following:

Essential broadband and phone.

Line rental.


she does not have a computer or need the internet, but the phone only how does she cancel ?


Support Team
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Hi @Jeanmoyes as the other replies have mentioned we do not have a calls only package.




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She would need to change provider. A quick search reveals several companies that do offer a landline only service. 


She must ask the new provider to cancel all the Talktalk service for her, while spelling out that she wants her new service to be landline only and to keep her current number. 


If she cancels directly with Talktalk, she will not be able to keep her number and runs the risk of having no service at all between providers, @Jeanmoyes.


For comparison, the slowest speed of Talktalk Broadband ("Fast Broadband and line rental") comes up as more expensive than either Fibre35 or Fibre65 even on discounted offers. The Anytime calls boost is @£14.00, though you can try for a discount. 


You need to do careful comparative research with this. With Talktalk, contracts and deals need to be reviewed whenever we approach their expiry. The most expensive option is to do nothing when the contract expires, as all Talktalk's rolling contract prices are far higher than the fixed term rates.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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She cannot cancel anything as TalkTalk do not offer a telephone-only service.


That is a very old package and may possibly include evening and weekend calls, you'll need to check.


All recent TT packages include broadband and line rental, but NO CALLS.


A calls boost is available.


It may be cheaper to move to Fast Broadband and add the calls package, but you'll need to do the maths.


There are very few phone only providers, but if she orders from one they should arrange to take over the line and the number, but as the number is likely important to her, make sure that is possible before confirming the order.