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Power of Attorney

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Hi Looking to obtain Power of Attorney...
(Though, really, all I want to do is cancel an unused Broadband contract for a relative)
The 'Help' page says :  One of our agents will then send you a form to fill in and submit. 
But... I can't see any way to contact an 'agent' in the first place! (No on-line chat now? No phone numbers to call?)
So, if anyone has any idea how I do this...? I'd appreciate a leg-up!


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Hi @Portyman


Thank you, I will sort this out for you. 


I can confirm that you are registered as having power of attorney over the account


I will send you a PM shortly.


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk  - I've done as you asked. I think I replied to you directly as well 😁 But, as I can't see that message I'm adding this as belt and braces.  🙄


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Hi @Portyman 


Can you add your Mums, full name and address to the private notes section of your community profile and I can look into this for you. 




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@Portyman I will re-escalate this to the support team for you for further advice. 


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Hi @Ady-TalkTalk , you asked for feedback  😉
Mixed results... Got the Chat button working, 'chatted' with an agent who was most helpful and pointed me at the appropriate form. I completed the form and 'posted' it off - I know, you'd think email hadn't been invented! - to Salford. Received a response about a week later which said I now had POA. Yay! And that I "can make any changes you wish."
Brilliant. Except it didn't tell me how I was supposed to do that exactly...
I assumed it would involve using the Email address and Password that I entered on the form...
But. That didn't work. (Tbh, I was a bit iffy about a password that I write down on a form and someone would enter on a system somewhere else. Just asking to be mis-typed?)
Anyway, guessing that there was either more to it, or I needed to do something else I contacted the Chat people again...
Obviously got someone in a bad mood this time... They didn't seem to understand the issue at all.
I'm obviously a TT customer myself (so I have an account that I can access and control, but that's not strictly relevant - I could be a BT or Virgin customer and still need to access my Mother's account!)
So, the agent tells me I need my Mother's details to access the account! Now, if I knew her details (if she knew her details!) then I would just have used them to access her account and cancel her unused (for some considerable time) Broadband package. And I wouldn't have needed to invoke POA. 🤔
But I couldn't seem to get that across, so the agent got bored and essentially said go away and use My Account "it's all there"...
So, I have POA (apparently) but no actual access to the account I need to sort out!
So, not happy.
I'll write back to the person who sent the original letter and see if they can provide me with instructions on just how I log in to my Mother's account... Fingers crossed.
Meantime Mum pays £35 a month for FasterFibre Broadband that she hasn't been able to use in years! Ker-ching.
I might come back with some more if my head's not too sore from bashing the brick wall! 🤕


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Hi Portyman, please let us know how you get on.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Thanks @martswain - That was the issue. My AV was blocking the Chat Now feature. I've disabled it for now and the Chat Now is showing... Hopefully, I'll get this sorted now ! 😄 
Thanks for the assist...


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@Portyman  you should be seeing the blue CHAT NOW button about halfway down the page as in the screenshot below.

If it is missing it's likely your browser or an ad/banner blocker suppressing it, pop-ups also need to be allowed.

It is working fine for me right now.


Screenshot 2021-08-31 172609.jpg

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Thanks @martswain - but I don't think that gets me any further? I can see the 'opening hours' now (now would be 'open'), But still no actual means of contacting anyone.. No phone number or chat option?


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I have moved this to the Billing section for you as it is essentially an account related issue. The support expert there will guide you further.