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Price Increase during fixed price contract

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I am 13 months into a two year fixed cost contract. I have today received an email advising my monthly costs will be increasing by £2 a month; not a vast amount of money but unexpected.


Can TalkTalk increase costs during a fixed cost contract? If so can I terminate the contract without penalty? Pleased with the service overall but there are some keen offers around and it may be worth me moving.



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At full price, @AllyM, Fast Broadband is already more expensive than Fibre 35 or 65:


I have had 3 new routers in 3 years.... supposedly to solve the problem. These have never restored the speeds that were available previously. 


They are just shortchanging those of us who are stuck with the basic package. You had the option to move onto Fibre, so you were in a completely different situation. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Gliwmaeden2 , I didn't notice any drop off in ADSL speeds. I was still getting 17.5Mbps connection speeds up until I switched to Fibre last month.


I don't expect things to get any better in terms of getting good prices for those of you still on ADSL (whether by choice or not). I've seen ISPs advertise ADSL for new customers at the same price as their basic Fibre package and I wouldn't be surprised if ADSL soon ends up more expensive than Fibre.


Many ISPs are not even selling new ADSL contracts or renewals - Last time my parents renewed with BT, they were forced to take the basic Fibre package.



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@glenntr, I agree with you re the fall off in the Fast Broadband speed.


It was far better 6 or 7 years ago.


They are providing just what they can get away with these days, and in many cases, like mine, they are not offering Fibre as an option yet.


No justification for the price increases at all for customers in this sort of situation. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@glenntr ,

ADSL (and landline phone service) is delivered over copper wires all the way from the exchange to your home. Usually, there are 2 main stages - Wiring from the exchange goes to a PCP (Primary Connection Point) cabinet in the street and then wiring from there goes to your home.


While work is progressing to build a full fibre to the premises network, most "Fibre" broadband  services currently offered by ISPs is Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), which is a hybrid system using optical fibre and copper wiring. This includes TalkTalk's Fibre35 and Fibre65 packages.


Basically, internet service is delivered via fibre optic cabling to equipment in Fibre cabinets which are installed close to the PCP cabinets. If you order a FTTC broadband service, your line will then be connected from the PCP cabinet through to the Fibre cabinet, so the last part of your internet connection is delivered through the existing copper wires from the PCP cabinet to your home.


But, like I said, ADSL broadband is still delivered completely by copper wiring and even if you have FTTC Fibre broadband, your landline phone is still connected via the original copper wiring all the way to the exchange. No copper wiring has been completely removed yet.



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@glenntr if the reply was to me...

Our village was connected with fibre some years ago when the copper line was stolen!

I think there are separate cabinets for ADSL and fibre but not sure on that.  They seem to have put new ones in in last couple of years.

Last time we had a disconnect was when BTOR clown was connecting our next door neighbour and unplugged us.  I caught him in time to reconnect us, but my wife rejected his call on our call blocker to check the line. 

I don't need to change so want as little interference as possible.  I turned down a free upgrade last year.




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Understand you hanging on to that deal. But if you are worried that changing to fibre could interfere with your service i.e. the physical connection change. I'm pretty sure from technical perspective, if your street cabinet has fibre, chances are that your line is already using the fibre cable back to the exchange and the old copper cables to the exchange have long since been disconnected. What they do is to 'throttle' (restrict) your speed to ADSL Broadband speeds, that goes for all other fibre speeds. I'm not opposed to these methods as it's used throughout technology, eg. your phone may have 64GB of memory installed but only presents you with 32GB, if you pay more you see more, however my experience is when they installed fibre and were pushing for customers to convert, they seriously compromised the speed of ADSL broadband (myself and my mother's speed reduced to just within the allowed limits) to make way for the bandwidth required for 'fibre' customers.

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I think your deal is better than most will have got for Fast Broadband, @davep!


Mine was renewed @£19.95 in January, but of course the price increase would have brought it up to £21.95.


I had 16 bills to go ahead of my end of contract, and have been awarded the credit of £32.00 to cover the difference. 


The increases applied next April will be 3.7%+CPI applied to the HIGHER figures though.....


Am enjoying having a month off paying due to the credit and it covers part of next month's total too.


Waiting to see how well they tidy up their act in the coming year....!


They are being very generous with the Anytime Calls boost at the moment, and mine was also free at renewal.


@SarahLou5, it's definitely worth haggling to see if you can get your Calls Boost discounted or even free. 


Check carefully to see exactly how much you use the phone. They are removing the connection charge at least from May, which makes the cost of short calls less out of proportion than they were, but 5 minutes will come to £1.05.


It's really awful having to clockwatch when you are paying per minute - and not many longer calls would get you to the full-price boost cost anyway. At least with the boost you can natter with less stress, and just be careful not to reach the full hour.


Renewing through My Account can result in unwanted add-ons appearing, and these can result in customers having to phone up anyway to get them removed. More likely to be right if you phone, but take a note of the date, time and the advisor's name, as well as the detail of the agreed package. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Gibbons I agree with you, but seems all ISP's are carp if you read other forums.  I'm stuck for a while, but if you let us know if you find ISP nirvana, let us know and I'll be following next year.

If you read a few recent posts above, there are credits / deals still available.  


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Wow just got this email as well recently I might be tempted to leave and move to a better provider with better offers.

This is a big slap in the face TalkTalk to all your loyal customers.


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@AllyM Cracking deal that one.  Maybe you could offer to negotiate for everyone? 

I don't want to change to fibre as don't want an outside chance of hassle, so I'll stick with my ADSL / inc UK anytime calls for £17.95 until I maybe leave following this and the My Account issue I'm having.


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@SarahLou5 wrote:

can I simply now just untick the box on my home phone boost management page and remove this one to return to a normal standard call plan, then renew the broadband plan from the my offers page?

According to what I've read, and my calculations, this should amount to a monthly cost of £29.95..... Exactly what I'm paying now. I'd also go from the old plan of Faster Fibre to Fibre 65 (I think). In a sense go from 40mbps to 67mbps.


@SarahLou5 , you can indeed just remove the calls boost in your MyAccount page and renew online to the £29.95 Fibre65 contract offered, but you'd be paying far too much for the broadband alone and have to pay for all phone calls individually as well.


I don't know your personal circumstances obviously but it's difficult to understand is why you are so reluctant to phone retentions when you could get a much better deal.

The latest offer I got from them was Fibre65 for £20 per month and anytime calls boost free for the length of the contract.


The speed you will get on Fibre65 will depend on the capabilities of your line.





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@SarahLou5  I would suggest you follow @ferguson's advice and try the number, 0345 172 5157.  Many, as you will have read, have had very favourable outcomes.  If I remember correctly, £20/m for fibre including anytime UK calls was one of the best.  Or, do as I did and send complaint to CEO (I suggested she resign).  I got a call back and credited with the £2 / month left on my contract as a one off payment.  I wasn't too bothered really, apart from the principle of fixed price not being fixed after having taken a new contract in December.  

I guess phoning the dedicated line, saying you are going to leave may well get a better result in terms of how much you might pay going forward - remember to haggle hard.

`Trouble is I can't now get into my account but that's another story.

Good luck whatever you decide.  Let us know the outcome.


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@SarahLou5  I know you say you want to avoid calling "retentions," but they have a dedicated number set up for this eventuality and many people have reported relatively painless and favourable solutions. 0345 172 5157


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I've been monitoring this thread, when possible and maybe commented earlier. can't remember now as I've been busy and also not too good recently. Anyway, short end of it is, my 30 days is up next week from the time of receiving the email. I'm absolutely livid, as you can imagine,as I feel that this is still a breach of contract at the hands of TT, considering I only negotiated the current deal just last year.
Anyhow (yea I know it's the end of a business day and likely to go unanswered by the OCEs here), I need to negotiate something here. I'm against going over my own personal limit of £30pm and this increase will put me well over this.
My current call plan on my landline is the only thing that can possibly give right now. I have unlimited calls, but this gets little use if truth be known right now.
The broadband line is of utmost importance to me, so cant reduce this to a lower one, or indeed move provider.
I have noticed a couple of 'offers'. One emailed to me offering virtually my current plan at a higher price (with an echo dot thrown in as a freebie) for a fixed 18 months. Another offer on my account page, to re-contract for Fibre65 again, fixed for 18 months, at my current price of £29.95.
Could this option be chosen and also reduce my call plan to a standard one, so I can continue at my current price?

Difficult post to understand maybe. But I need this sorted in the next few days. .... Maybe one of you OCE lot has a better understanding. I really wanna avoid negotiating over the phone at 'retentions'

Or can I simply now just untick the box on my home phone boost management page and remove this one to return to a normal standard call plan, then renew the broadband plan from the my offers page?

According to what I've read, and my calculations, this should amount to a monthly cost of £29.95..... Exactly what I'm paying now. I'd also go from the old plan of Faster Fibre to Fibre 65 (I think). In a sense go from 40mbps to 67mbps.


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Thanks for the price info. Makes me realise what a poor negotiator I am. Do you have a favourite way of making contact with TT to negotiate? I'm in the mood for having another go, feeling so conned by them.


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Here are some examples of the confusing and fragmented marketing from TT. As I may have mentioned in this thread, I administer my mother's account. She was subject to the £2 increase which wasn't so bad as she has been on £21.95 for the last year from Faster Fibre.


Today she received an email offering her Fibre 35 (same speed as she has) for £27/month with a sweetener of fee SuperSafe Protection (wow) and a gift of either an Amazon Smart Plug or a Ring Indoor Cam (can buy for under £50). Her extra cost over 18 months compared to current £23.95/m would be about £50.


When logged into her account, it is offering her a renewal of her current product for £29.95/month for 18 months. 


Finally, if you search online for TT deals (you have to do this from a browser that doesn't have cookies recognizing you have an account) as a new customer, there own website have deals for Fibre 35 @£22/month and Fibre 65 for £25/month.


Absolute madness. Most of this is down to our friends and guardians Ofcom, who crumble faster than Neville Chamberlain.

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@Gliwmaeden2 wrote:

@ITTroll, no, Fast Broadband is not a legacy contract. 

Ah yes, I forgot about Fast Broadband. I was thinking of the Faster Fibre packages which are now classed as legacy.


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@ITTroll, no, Fast Broadband is not a legacy contract. 


It was possible to renew it on 28th February as a Fixed Price deal and then get hit with an email notification of the imminent £2.00 price rise the next month!


It's still a current package:



Hence the outcry.....


The price rise from April '22 is a totally separate issue, but for customers on Fast Broadband and Faster Fibre the notification was included with this year's price increase notification. 


Fibre65 and Fibre35 will be notified ahead of the increase next spring.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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You will be affected NEXT April, @gk141054, as they have changed it to a Standard Plan instead of a Fixed Price Promise. 


They have applied clause 16 in Ts&Cs and have also inserted the new pricing structure into clause 9.


This is how it will affect you:



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.