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The missing transaction for the upgrade- £300 Pre pay,

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I was offered an upgrade through my online TalkTalk account to Fibre 65 for £300 with the Pre Pay options (12 moths contract). When I have completed the 3 step (card details- and pressed confirm) the page haven't loaded step 4 (last) just came back again to step 3.. The transaction went through (checked my bank account Revolut- merchant TalkTalk Telecom completed £300 ) but I haven't received the email with the transaction order etc. . My account is still on the old contract and the talk talk customer assistants were unable to help me because the payment doesn't exist in my payment history and I don't have a ref number from the bank.

Revolut doesn't provide transaction ref/nr . I have a bank card which I used to make a transaction but nothing else.


How I can get my money back? 

Thank for any help.



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Thank you @Gliwmaeden2 for the helpful tips. I'll add the number.
The transaction had status complited the next day .
SOLVED (kind of)
So it looks like the problem is with the Pre Pay options of the upgrade on the Talk Talk website. Today the talk talk account showed £300 in credit yupy. I could get my money back through the account refund which I have done it.. After that I have used another card (HSBC) to do that upgrade again and miserable failed again but this time card wasn't charged. Payment stopped on the step 3 with note: service unavailable.

So I'll stick with my old contract for now.
Thank you again.

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Revolut, eh? So not really a bank account, maybe that's the problem.


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If the goods/ product/ service  is not delivered and it was a VISA card, it may be that you would be protected by Visa's Ts&Cs, @Marcin2021.


Worth looking into that.


Sometimes when we pay for things by card it shows as having left our account but NOT yet received by the company we were paying because it's "pending".


Look into that too. It means that the money seems to be in limbo for up to 7 days. 


Basically, give your bank a ring.


Staff will check what's happening from the Talktalk end of things. Your thread is in the queue for attention. 


Make sure you have added your Talktalk landline phone number to your community forum profile details for TT staff to identify your account. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; Profile Wizard. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.