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Unable to cancel UFO

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In mid March I rang TalkTalk to cancel my UFO package as I was moving house, they did this over the phone and my TalkTalk Account shows an Ultra Fibre Optic - Package Cancellation with an Estimated cease date: 29/03. This has now come and gone and I have found out that this cancellation has not occurred, the package is still live. I have rung TalkTalk customer service, I spent three hours on the phone and spoke to ten different people. All of whom could not explain why the cancellation has not happend or how to cancel the package. The last person put me on hold for an hour and then disconnected me. I an honestly not sure what to do now, is there anyway of cancelling this package, or do I have to pay for the internet to my old house forever? 


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I've raised this to our Loyalty Teams so they can contact you directly. I've given them the mobile number on your 'Community Profile' as a contact number for you.




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I have updated my account, with my old number, as you have said. I have moved house and now my broadband is being provided by a new ISP. I am out of contract for UFO. My problem is that I don't believe the service has stopped at all yet. I don't mind a 30 day turnaround, or however long it takes, I just want to make sure that it is being cancelled in the first place. 


Thanks for your help, much appreciated. 

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I am not sure if the support team have any access to UFO accounts at all. Nevertheless, do complete your community profile as best you can: name, address and account number details may be more helpful in this instance. 


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Add your old Talktalk landline number to your community forum profile details for staff to identify your account, @mathyl123.


Was this an official house move with Talktalk or are you now with another provider?


If you were out of contract, Talktalk would require 30 days' notice. So, even if the service has actually stopped, you would be billed for the full 30 days.


They also work to their 30 day billing cycle, so that could kick in before your notice period expired and trigger a further 30 days. The next bill after that would refund unused days since the 30 day expiry notice expired.....


You then claim back the overpayment from My Account. 


So it can take a ridiculous amount of time to close an account with Talktalk regardless of when the service actually stops.


Staff reply during the day, Monday to Friday, so hopefully they will pick this up before the weekend. 


For the community forum profile details, go via your avatar/name; settings; Personal Information. SAVE CHANGES. 


Edit: moving this to the billing section, as this is about sorting out the account, not quality of UFO etc.


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.