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Why am i told by Order Management to cancel my order and go to BT

First Timer
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I ordered a house move from TalkTalk a month ago, my order was accepted and scheduled fr the 9th October, on the 9th October my line was disconnected and i receive and email saying i will now be connected on the 12 October, 12 October no one turns up to install the master socket and after some lengthy calls and chats when its working i am told i have to wait until the 21st and a three hour appointment is scheduled.    On the 21st a young 20 year old engineer turns up and tells me it will take 4 hours to throw a piece of cable over the roof and drill a hole, he sais the job is listed for 30 minutes so he leaves and does nothing.  After 4 hours of calls and 3 hours on live chat i am told to cancel my order and go to BT.  I am amazed.  I sadly have 4 accounts with TalkTalk including 2 business accounts.  The customer service is horrendous!  In the end i find a private Contractor (OpenReach engineer) to privately install the master socket, however TalkTalk refuse to reorder the service.   In the midst of this i loose my job as i am unable to work at home. No one cares, no one knows what they are talking about and worst of all when i ask to speak to a person in the UK HQ the girl laughs at me. I just wish someone would help me to get connected so i could start working again. Any Ideas??????


Support Team
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Hi @Whyisitsohard


Thanks for your post, sorry that you are having problems.


If you would like us to look into this, please can you update your community profile to include your home telephone number, we will then be able to have a look at your  account.

To do this go into 'my settings' then 'personal information' then add your details.