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dispute a £75 charge in my latest bill due"TalkTalk engineer - service fault".

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Bill number: TT0690953202


I would like to dispute a £75 charge in my latest bill that is itemized as "TalkTalk engineer - service fault".

I had my connection dropping several times a day since early December. I made several connection tests, received the confirmation that something was wrong and that TalkTalk was looking into it, usually it would be working again for a while after all the testing.

Eventually it became impossible to have a stable connection for videocalls and streaming video so I finally contacted support on the chat. As they were unable to solve the issue remotely, they said we had to have an engineer visit to debug the issue.

The engineer came and after some testing, replaced the faceplate for a new one and commented that it looked like a poorly done wiring issue and poor work done by previusly engineer when fiest installed. This solved the issue, as we had a rock solid connection since.

I'm struggling to understand why I'm being charged if the fault was on the faceplate that was installed when I was provided with the service and the shoddy wiring was there from the last engineer visit.

What is the process to raise a complain about the charge?

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What "wiring" was the Engineer commenting on?

If it was external wiring leading up to the master socket then that should be Openreach's responsibility. The faceplate simply plugs straight into the test socket of the master socket and any wiring attached to it can only be internal wiring going to extension sockets in your home, which would, like the faceplate itself, be classed as your responsibility to maintain.

It's normally one of the first troubleshooting steps on the support staff's "script" to ask the customer to remove the faceplate and connect your router and/or telephone to the test socket to rule out any internal wiring and/or the faceplate itself as the cause, before getting to the point of booking an Engineer. Did they not do that?



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Hi Igordgorlando1


The faceplate is classed as internal wiring, which is goes down as the responsibility of the customer, the engineer report puts the fault as internal wiring which unfortunately makes this valid.