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how do I contact a real human

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I would like to speak to a living being please, I signed up with talk talks last January (2022) and am still yet to receive my vouchers!!! and to add insult to injury I've recently received a message saying if I wish to sign up for another 24 months I will  receive (or not) a 75 voucher!!!

Ridiculous that there is no way to speak to someone, I'm sure I'd get to speak to someone if I stopped paying my bill


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I've recently moved to talktalk full fibre & it's never worked right since I got it with new eero router I'm now tied into an 18mth contract with no way out except by financially paying my way out for a service I've never had work properly any advice 


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@Patriciasands, if you need further help, please start your own topic.


Read about engineer appointments here:


The forum search engine is a useful tool for this sort of information. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I just want to change an engineer's appointment please!!!!


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Hi fedupwithtalktalk6


Thanks for your post

I can look into this but first, can you please update your community profile to include:




Telephone number or account number.

Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.



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Prepare for TalkTalk Support - include in the Community Profile (not in these public posts):

Account holder name, TalkTalk home 'phone number (if not Data Only broadband)

Alternative mobile contact number. Full address with postcode (in the Location box)

Scroll down to Private notes to add the customer email address and account number

Check and Save changes

Select here: Update your profile


A TalkTalk Support member will contact you right here. Or use Live Chat or the phone.


 LiveChat and contact information - select and wait for the light blue Chat now button to appear; It's grey or clear when busy or offline.


 When to contact TalkTalk? - select and scroll to see contact availability times


LiveChat Messenger


TIP - Pause tracker blocking in the browser, ad-blockers and similar blocking software to avoid conflict with LiveChat's operation.

Landline calls to Customer Services on 0345 172 0088 and Full Fibre enquiries on 0345 172 0074 are free from a TalkTalk home 'phone but otherwise are at a standard landline call rate.


Mobile calls to Customer Services on 0203 441 5550. Text Relay Service is 18001 then 0345 172 0088.

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