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Broken Router (no wifi)

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I have an issue with my router that I've tried to resolve by calling the helpline, but I don't they understand my issue and its really frustrating.


Basically, my router is no longer emiting a wifi signal. ie, it doesn't show on any wireless devices when I try to connect. It was working fine earlier with a wired connection, but thats now stopped working aswell.


I believe my router is simply faulty, as ive never had this issue before. Is there any way a new router can be arranged to be sent from here, as on the customer service line I was just taken for a spin, and asked a lot of questions that weren't relevant to the issue at all. I dont think they understood the issue.


My line works fine, so theres no issue there. its just simply the router. I would really appreciate any help


Thanks, Gareth.


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Thanks for the checking for me, Debbie!


I haven't received it just yet, but I'll wait until tomorrow and get back if it hasn't arrived.


Thanks, Gareth


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Hi GarethOC1995


I've checked and I can see that the router has been ordered.


You should receive this today but please let us know if you haven't received this by Wednesday.





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Sorry for being a pain.


Is it possible to confirm if the order actually went through for my new router? It had been showing on my account as a 'pending order' since Friday. But I noticed earlier today that the pending order on my account has disappeared.


I haven't received any email or text telling me that it has been dispatched or anything. Just worried something might be wrong. It was the support team on Twitter that ordered it for me to replace my faulty one.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi GarethOC1995


I'm so glad to hear this 🙂


If you do experience any further issues then please let us know.




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They did, Debbie.


They're sending me a new router, which should hopefully resolve the issue.


Thanks for the reply 😊

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Hi GarethOC1995


Sorry for the delay.


Did the Live Chat Team sort this out for you?





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Thanks for the reply, martswain.


Already tried to reset sadly, but didn't work for me. I'll try the live chat link tomorrow and see if someone there can help. Thanks 😊


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@GarethOC1995 staff are very rarely here over the weekend, so it may be Monday before they get to this topic.


In the meantime you should perform a reset by pushing and holding the recessed button for 30 seconds.


If that doesn't work, try Live Chat tomorrow rather than calling, link below along with opening hours for all support departments.