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For queries about your TalkTalk broadband service.

Cancelled Service; having spent about 50 minutes talking to various 'advisers' ...

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Having spent about 50 minutes talking to various 'advisers', I just need to record my frustration and register the situation.

I have transferred my broadband service to a mobile network. It's better and much cheaper! But I want to keep the landline active for some time.

No-one seems able to understand this, or to know how it can be achieved. They tell me that the service will continue until my new provider contacts them to take over the line. But that is not happening.

Maybe the way is to cancel any direct debit and see what kind of plan or account they then offer?

Since there is no email address to write to the company, this seems the only way to communicate!

It seems TalkTalk is only interested in taking in money, not in providing any service?


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Hi DavidSugden.


You will have to cancel the full service, as the number will not be requested by your new provider , and to confirm we do not offer a landline only service, We request 30 days notice please call us on 03451720088 




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Just to add, you cannot port a landline number to a mobile network. Your only alternative is to switch to a phone-only provider, which are few and far between and you would have to pay for your landline additionally in any event. 

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If you keep using the landline, you are paying for Broadband included in the Talktalk bundle, @DavidSugden.


You can cancel the whole thing, i.e. you would lose the use of the landline, along with the broadband. You can't have a landline on its own. It can't be separated from the package. 


If you are now using a mobile network, but didn't ask them to take over the number, you can't get them to inform Talktalk now.


In fact the traditional switch only works with Openreach provided copper services. With everything else, the network has become overcomplicated - so many different Full Fibre arrangements etc.


The bottom line is that you keep all or nothing with Talktalk. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.