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Cancelled Service

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27 days ago I gave 30 days notice of my wish to cancel my broadband.

It states in my account that my service ends on 19th May 2022.

I am not in a contract.

I have yesterday received a bill for the next month @ near £35.

My monthly (paid in advance) for broadband starts on the 15th of each month.

In reality I should have a bill for maximum 5 days thus less than £6.

I also have not received the information to return my 'equipment' which was quoted to me on the phone and in 2 letters sent to me.


I will not be paying £35 but I will pay the correct amount tomorrow of less than £6.


I have tried twice yesterday to talk with someone but all I get asked for is my mobile number or bank account and I will not be giving either one!


So this post is to show that I have tried multiple ways to tell someone that your incorrect bill will not be paid and only the required amount (for service given) will be. (future reference etc).


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Hi lake142


Sorry that you are unhappy. 


We always advise against cancelling the direct debit there are 2 reasons


1 Avoid late payment fees

2 Any refunds owed can be processed via Bacs 


I understand your reasoning, but the account will remain generating bill while there is an outstanding balance. 


Apologies for any inconvenience 

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So using your £5.72 and assuming 5 days, your monthly fee would be £34.80

Ta again for your help for Talk Talk!


My bill (given but not morally correct in any way) was £34.27 .... so I have overpaid .... maybe I will get a cheque back?



You see .... the 'bills' given to customers by TalkTalk are left right and centre .... I have been offered the exact same package for multiple prices!

To the point I asked within a phone call if they are just making it up as they go along?

And I have NEVER actually received the 'service' stated.

Most upload speed I have ever got was 1.2 when it should have been 9.


But you crack on and protect what is morally wrong 🙂

What I mean by that is simple .... Charge people for a 'service' which you will not be giving and is not even wanted and then tell them that they have to beg for their money back!

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@lake142 you can disagree as much as you like, however I have explained how the system works.


I hope you have done your sums correctly, if your monthly rate is NN.NN the daily rate will be (NN.NN x 12) / 365


So using your £5.72 and assuming 5 days, your monthly fee would be £34.80


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Thanks for the replies.


TT bill monthly in advance and do not take into account pending cancellation.

Well that is ridiculous!

So you do all that you must to cancel and they (talktalk) don't even take it into account!

That is the height of corporations ignoring their clients.

"We don't care what you want .... we will do as we want!" 


A tad like me being told that I can pay £29 per month for the service I have had for years but a new customer can have the exact same contract for £23.50 per month .... again it is uncaring!


You should pay the current bill in full.

So you consider that I should pay for something which ....


  • I do NOT want
  • I will NOT even be given (from the 19th)
  • I am NOT in a contract for
  • I HAVE given 30 days notice to end

Reminds me of the 'chat' I had wanting to cancel .... went a bit like this (paraphrasing) ....


"I wish to give 30 days notice to cancel my broadband service with you!"




"I am dying and will not need it!"


"So you are dying? I will put you on hold while I check that reason is within our terms of cancellation!"


Made me laugh and if that is the way Talk Talk treat dying people .... well I just can't think how they treat everyone else????


I have paid £5.72 which is all I owe .... I WILL NOT be 'begging' Talk talk for a cheque to return MY money!

I will wait for a letter to inform me how to return their router .... which will be unplugged later today.


Have fun .... be well 🙂

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Hi lake142,


I can see martswain has explained the situation. If you have any further questions could you raise them in the billing section and we'll be happy to help


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@lake142  TT bill monthly in advance and do not take into account pending cancellation.


You should pay the current bill in full.


Once the cancellation has happened, you will receive another bill next month detailing the charges from the last billing date until the cancellation date and a refund for the unused days for which you paid LESS any charges for phone calls.


The refund amount can be requested by bank transfer IF you have Direct Debit in place, otherwise you will need to request a cheque.


Access to your online My Account remains in place for 12 months after you leave.


Two months after leaving you will get a bill for £0.00 and then you can cancel your DD.


That's the way it works.


They may request return of equipment ONCE the cancellation has actually happened.