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How many WiFi and other devices can the WiFi hub reliably support?

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We have 3 laptops, 3 phones, 1 smart watch, 12 Amazon Echo Dots, 3 Amazon Fire sticks, a printer, a smart TV and a smart meter display all configured to use Wif, plus a smart home controller, TalkTalk Youview box, a desktop computer and a ComTrend PowerLine adpter (1 of 3 in use) using wired connections.


The WiFi hub dashboard currently shows 22 active devices (20 wireless, 2 wired) but several are not identified by type and some simply show the IP address and not the name.


We have recently had problems with devices losing connection and currently the Alexa app shows some Echo devices offline, although they are working perfectly, showing they are online, which indicates to me that some network traffic is being dropped.


I assume there is a limit to the number of devices the WiFi Hub can support and support we may be reaching it and may need to look at getting WiFi extenders or a more powerful WiFi router (if possible).


Does anyone know what the connection limit is for the WiFi Hub and what would be the next upgrade if I needed a more capable device?


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Of course. And if you have several active devices competing for whatever bandwidth your service allows then that will be the main constraint, rather than the number of devices which can be connected to the router at the same time. 


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The |hub's login page says it's a Sagemcom variant.


I know that theoretically a router could support 253 devices, since it can't use .0 or .255 and needs an address itself out of the 256 in a class C submit, but, in practice, there are other considerations, such as WiFi bandwidth. A device may get an address, but if there's too much interference between different devices on a the same channel, it's not going to work.


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Hi StarNamer,


I think theoretically this would only be limited by the number of available IP addresses which would be around 250 so it shouldn't really be a problem. Out of interest which wifi hub do you have (Sagemcom or Huawei)