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IPTV Blocked between 6 and 10

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i have an IPTV subscription for Free to Air channels in other regions (which needs much bigger satellite dish to install ). 

But for the past 2-3 weeks consistently my traffic is being blocked by TalkTalk between 6 PM till roughly ~10:30 PM , when i switch the TV WIFI to my Mobile hotspot , it does work 


before 6PM and late in the day , it does work .


Are you traffic managing my connection during these hours every day. blocking my TV during these times is really annoying , I am really considering leaving TalkTalk because of that.


appreciate if there is a quick solution  




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Hi mohassan,


If you're still experiencing problems can you please follow Gondola's advice and run some traceroutes and post the results




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The advice frequently given by IPTV streaming services is to stream via another network if you find network issues cannot be overcome. So, as you do have access to another network that works then the IPTV streaming service would advise you to use that network.


You can do a traceroute to the streaming server in off-peak times and also at peak times to see if you can identify where the congestion / blockage is happening.  Run a traceroute


At the same times do comparison traceroutes to the TalkTalk Edge server (tracert and to (tracert so you have a comparison of the connection paths to those servers.


Upload the results here so we can see what's happening. The results will assist TalkTalk Support when they return and resume support for our Community from Tuesday onwards.


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Thank you for the explanation about the edge buffering , however that doesn't explain why when i change to another provider , it does work 

That suggest that Issue is in TalkTalk network , not anywhere else.

because the only variable is TalkTalk network in this case . does TalkTalk apply any traffic priotrisation or traffic shaping , or de-priotrise certain type of traffic during peak hours. can you trace my line during these times......can anyone investigate , it might be a fault or misconfiguration somewhere in the network.



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You're absolutely right that if the streaming website was blocked it would be a block 24/7. Which suggests that TalkTalk are not applying any block so the difficulty with streaming in peak times is due to network congestion somewhere in the route from the server and your home.


TalkTalk mitigate by cacheing TV streaming content at the Edge server but this is not happening for your IPTV service. You can press the pause button on your streaming player to cache some of the live stream in the player and that may help to overcome buffering.

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i can share the link with u in a private message , it is open to air channel on NileSat satellite  ,so please stop referring to the contents  

The channel work normally in daytime , but in the evening it doesn't between these hours till nearly 11 PM 


i assume if its blocked web site it will be permanent block , not consistently between specific hours. and not in others


So back to the network question , why does it work with other networks and not in TalkTalk during these times 



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What content is it that you believe is being blocked? 


Here's an Overview of HomeSafe® just in case the content falls into a category that HomeSafe® is set to block, or eero Secure, for Future Fibre customers using the eero app with a TalkTalk supplied eero router. eero Secure - Blocking or Allowing websites


TalkTalk would place a network block only on content that is the subject of a Court Order requiring  Specific websites to be blocked including illegal streaming sites.


The TalkTalk network is designed to deliver TalkTalk TV streaming content from the Edge servers closest to its customers making Amazon Prime, Netflix or Now TV streams, for example, superior in reliability. 

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Thanks for your fast response, however that is of no help, it is clear that there some sort of traffic management during these hours , it could be peak hours. The issue is still persistent and it is 10:25PM  as i am writing this message.


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The  Broadband Traffic Management policy of TalkTalk is NO network traffic management.

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