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Kids safe Not working

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I will definitely raise complaint with Ombudsman (OFCOM) against TalkTalk for failing to follow Online safety Act 2023 for me and not bothering about kids safety issues.

Talktalk broadband I had an issue with Kids safe function (home safe security on My account)according to Online safety Act 2023 every broadband provider in Uk should provide this function to customer for kids safety.
when kids safe is turned ON,websites which are unsuitable for under 18 should be blocked access to browse in wifi But in Talktalk when kids safe is turned ON it was not blocking sites which are unsuitable for kids and it allows access to those websites even when kids safe is ON so kids can access those sites.I raised a complaint on first week of April they said they will escalate my complaint to technical team. technical team came up saying they cant help and transfer me to customer service team and keep on escalating to various team for the past 7weeks until today still they can’t rectify the kids Safety issue which is most important to me as a parent.Totally waste of time and money.Every time on call with talktalk team it took 30 to 40mins they ask everything from first put me on hold and finally they say their manager will call me after 2 days.their manager will call and again they escalate, its keep on going not sorted yet.They don’t bother about our KIDS SAFETY they only bother about monthly payment.


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Hi sr-senthilraj, as you've got an open complaint I'll leave you in the safe hands of the complaints team. Please let us know how you get on.



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