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Losing Internet Connection

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I am losing my internet connection several times a day. Especially between 1800 and 2100 in the evening. It can usually be re-established by restarting the router once or twice. Sometimes you have to leave it for half an hour or so, then restart and its fine for a while. 

Evenings are definitely the worst time.

Once it's working its fine with good speed.

I think the router is OK as I can still print to my wireless printer even when I have no internet connection available.

Every time TalkTalk check connection its good, of course as I can only make contact when its working.

My experience seems to be exactly the same as @Pstr_9699 is seeing.


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A web page is quite often cached/stored locally temporarily and will not need to refresh itself, so it remains current.

New web pages need the connection.


As to Video Calling/Conferencing would use a different protocol/set of ports, meaning that it is a more basic/lower level communication.


So 'losing the internet', may just be an adapter dis-connecting / timing-out and not the router dis-connecting.  So you check the router lights for confirmation.


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There is another really strange phenomena. If you are on a video call and lose the internet connection, the video call is unaffected just as long as you say on and don't end the call, it will continue working normally! However if on the same device or any other device you attempt to access the internet you can't.

How can it do this? It is like it will hold an existing connection but not allow any new ones.


Oddly enough, this doesn't apply if you are on a web page. Say you are looking at a Ebay page and the connection drops out, you are OK as long as you stay on that page, but as soon as you go to another page in Ebay connection is lost!

Really weird. 


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Thanks @Anonymous . I am using ethernet, not wireless so would not expect this problem.

I have a engineer coming to take a look. Don't know why but I expect they will not find any fault because it will be working when he comes round. 🤔


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Talk-Talk like to have your profile upto date, things like...
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NEVER post personal details into these help forums.


Perhaps the problem is channel hopping by your router as the evening airways fill up with neighbouring Wi-Fi's broadcasts.


Some thing TT may be able to help with, after you choose a clean channel, split your SSID's etc etc.


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