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Poor connection/fault on the line

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Hello, we've had slow internet for the last 3 days, websites taking 30+ seconds to load or not loading at all, downloads killing all other internet use, etc. I've used the tool to check the line and it said there is a fault, the issue is the page to book an engineer appointment doesn't seem to work, the button does nothing. I've tried the process from scratch 10+ times in the last few days and gotten to the calendar twice, but both times it showed no available appointments at any point in the future.


I rang the customer service line yesterday and after entering my details the recorded voice asked "Is this to do with the fault we are already working on?". How am I supposed to answer that, I don't know what faults they are or aren't aware of. I just want to know that the fault is known about and will be fixed at some point.


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Hi tmansell


I'm sorry to hear this.


I can see that this fault has been raised to Openreach and a line engineer is scheduled to investigate this fault today (external line investigation)






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Yes I actually wrote that other post hours ago before I realised you needed to make an account, with pointless badges and levels hurrah, before you can ask other customers to help solve technical problems the company should be helping with. I thought it was deleted, so I made an account and wrote it again, then as soon as I verified my email it posted it automatically. This website is awful and awkward to navigate.


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Wait for a staff reply here, they will be back after Easter.


Please do not make any other posts on the issue, forum rules and all that, thanks.